How much money the upper class in Mexico earns 


The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) has revealed shocking figures on the distribution of social classes in Mexico, providing a detailed view of how income and economic status are distributed in the country during the year 2020. 

According to data compiled by INEGI, only 1,023,004 people, belonging to 429,710 households, can be considered upper class in Mexico. This figure contrasts with the middle class, which comprises 47,201,616 people, and the lower class, which continues to be the largest with 78,536,236 people. 

To understand in which category of social class a person is located, it is important to consider the income they receive on average. According to INEGI, the income criteria are the following: 

     Upper class: Those people who earn an average of 77,975 pesos per month. 

     Middle class: People whose income is around 22,927 pesos per month. 

     Lower class: Those individuals whose average income reaches 11,343 pesos per month. 

It is relevant to consider that these figures vary depending on the geographical environment. In urban areas, the middle class earns an average of 23,451 pesos per month, while in rural areas the average drops to 18,569 pesos. 

In the case of the lower class, the differences are also notable. Those who live in urban areas receive up to 12,977 pesos per month, while in rural areas this figure is significantly reduced to 9,313 pesos per month. 

In addition, the INEGI study reveals that the upper class in Mexico is found mainly in urban areas. This suggests that the highest income and resources are concentrated in the urban centers of the country. 

The data provided by INEGI offer a panoramic view of the distribution of social classes and income in Mexico, providing valuable information to better understand the economic structure of the country and the disparities that exist in different regions. 

 Source: No me Censures