Parents march against textbooks in the streets of Querétaro 


Citizens, including parents, demonstrated against the content of SEP textbooks 

With the slogan of healthy and non-perverted education, a group of people accompanied by the PAN legislator and former governor of Querétaro, Ignacio Loyola Vera, marched through the streets in rejection of the distribution of free textbooks. 

In addition to demanding “Science yes, ideology no” in the public schools of the state. 

They said in their slogans that it is to congratulate the parents of the minors in Chiapas who burned the free textbooks and that “despite being indigenous they understood that they wanted to ideologize them.” 

And they assured in the framework of this national march that in Querétaro they will not allow “they are perverted from childhood.”  

“We will not accept it in Querétaro and we demand that the governor side with the Queretaro children and do not allow them to hand over the books to the Queretaro children and that we will not allow that to happen.” 

And it is that they assured that the governor must defend the children of Querétaro and “that he does not take them out.” 

     “It is an evil and perverse ideology that wants to turn them into communists and perverts. In zombies”. 

Loyola Vera said that he, for his part, says that he came on behalf of the people of Queretaro and that he is defending them. 

It should be noted that in Querétaro authorities announced that the books will be delivered and that the observations will be corrected with booklets that they prepared. 

Source: AM Queretaro