Confrontation between criminal groups leaves 7 dead in Chiapas 


In Chicomuselo this afternoon the presence of armed and hooded men aboard several trucks were reported. 

At least 7 men were killed this morning, in a chase, on a highway in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, in the midst of a mobilization of 2 criminal groups that are fighting over the territory. 

Official sources announced that this morning, one of the sides ambushed their adversaries, in a section of the highway that goes from La Zacualpa (Chicomuselo) to Reforma (Siltepec), when several men were traveling in a Toyota Tacoma-type truck, of black color and two motorcycles. 

As a result, at least 7 men were killed and their bodies were left around the truck and one closer to one of the motorcycles he was riding, in the bushes as he tried to flee. 

Residents of communities close to where the ambush occurred, came to see what had happened, waiting for the arrival of experts and agents of the Public Ministry of the District Attorney’s Office. 

Source: El Universal