Chain hotels and luxury resorts are coming to Mazatlán. This what CIT says 


MAZATLÁN.- Mazatlán will close this 2023 with the opening of four hotels and the confirmation of the arrival of a high-end resort hotel, which will contribute to the maturity of the tourist investment of the destination, reported Germán Rivera Carlón, executive director of the Center for Investment and Trade in Sinaloa (CIT Sinaloa). 

He mentioned that this year hotels such as the Courtyard by Marriot, Hotel One and Fiesta Inn began and will begin operations. In addition, the first stone of another hotel was laid, adding nearly 500 additional rooms to the existing ones, which are close to 12,000 in the hotel sector. 

“There are four brands that started this year and that give more value and a greater number of rooms to Mazatlán. They represent around 2 billion pesos, and we are talking about 500 more rooms,” he declared. 

Rivera Carlón pointed out that the maturity of Mazatlán as a tourist destination is motivating hotel chains to offer more ambitious proposals, with a high level. Instead of investing in second-rate hotels with the “by” brand, chains are opting to establish name-brand hotels. 

     “We are waiting for a chain hotel to close, no longer named ‘by’ and the name, but the chain as such, which shows us that Mazatlán is riper for tourism investments. The chains are no longer looking for three or four stars, they are already looking for the luxury resort for Mazatlan”, he commented. 

A breaking point, without a doubt, he explained, was the announcement and construction of the Dreams Hotel in Estrella de Mar, which is being built under the concept of an “all-inclusive resort.” This project opens the way to attract tourists who did not visit Mazatlán before, with long stays and greater economic benefit. 

We are ready, says the CIT 

 What do hotel chains ask for? Rivera Carlón specified that, before thinking about investing, they analyze the infrastructure, public services, the job offer and then specify the spill that they will leave at the destination. What the CIT does is provide this information and speed up decision-making. 

Source: Punto