Grupo Cantón, the ” favorites” of the president in Tabasco


AMLO gives Tabasco Hoy and Diario Basta 200 million pesos in advertising, they are definitely his “favorites”.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador not only congratulates the newspaper Diario Basta, from Grupo Cantón: but he shows his love with hard cash because, as AMLO himself has said several times: ” love is paid for with love” (amor con amor se paga).

Throughout its six-year term, the federal government has granted this Tabasco business group 200 million pesos (around 12 million USD) in advertising contracts, and in exchange, the group’s newspapers not only publish propaganda in favor of the government but also systematically attack the hated adversary of the president, Roberto Madrazo, also from Tabasco. Basta, which circulates in CDMX, also targets Santiago Taboada and other opposition mayors.

On Wednesday, August 23rd, when talking about communication companies, AMLO, addressing the owners and journalists of said group, said: “Then they say that you are our favorite ones from Basta. Basta is a very good newspaper, it is widely read in Mexico City, like Tabasco Hoy is read in Tabasco, and other newspapers from the same group, which deserve our respect,” he said with a smile, after attacking media critics of his administration.

According to a review carried out by Latinus in the National Transparency Platform, from 2019 to 2022, Grupo Cantón, which publishes the newspapers Tabasco Hoy, Basta, and other local media, such as Campeche Hoy, has received 116 advertising contracts, most of them with the federal government, a good number with Tabasco dependencies and a few with CDMX dependencies.

This group consists of two companies: Organización Editorial Acuario and Editorial Prosperidad.

The bulk of the income received by the group comes from the IMSS: it has paid 116 million pesos. It should be noted that the IMSS is one of the agencies that spends the most on media advertising.

“In Grupo Cantón’s newspapers, such as Tabasco Hoy, it is possible to find paid advertising along with interviews with Zoé Robledo, director of the IMSS, or informative notes that promote the Institute’s achievements,” says Latinus.

The National Lottery is another of Grupo Cantón’s good clients since it has given it 30.9 million pesos.

“Among the federal offices that have also provided public resources are the Ministry of National Defense, the National Bank for Foreign Trade (Bancomext), Banobras, the Banco del Bienestar, ISSSTE, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Tourism. adds Latinus.

On March 16, 2022, the etcetera reporter Angélica Recillas reported in an investigation that Grupo Cantón “during the first three years of the López Obrador administration received 131,857,453 pesos, a lot more than what was obtained by El Universal or Reforma, in the same period”.

“In 2021 Grupo Cantón received a total of 21 million 408 thousand 136 pesos in official advertising. Even though on this occasion it had a significant reduction in its income for this concept, in the previous two years of the present administration, it obtained substantial resources. In 2020, it billed 59 million 525 thousand 807 and in 2019, 50 million 923 thousand 510”, Recillas pointed out.

In this LINK ( the public can review the contracts that the federal and capital governments have given to Grupo Cantón, the ” favorites” of the president.


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