Are you going on a Mexico road trip next week? Amotac announces national strike


Valentín Romero Trujillo, delegate of Amotac, asks for the understanding of those who circulate on the roads of the country.

Next Tuesday, August 29, and Wednesday, August 30, members of the Mexican Alliance of Transport Organizations AC (Amotac) will hold a demonstration and peaceful mobilization on the main highways of the 32 states of the country.

This is to demand from the Government more safety on the roads, to end the abuse of the tow trucks, to stop the exaggerated collection of permits to enter to leave the product in the cities, among other issues.

Valentín Romero Trujillo, delegate of said organization in the Central State area, asks for the understanding of those who circulate on the country’s highways, for the inconveniences and delays that those days will cause them, but they are tired of so much abuse against transport in its modalities cargo, tourism and passenger.

He mentions that the national highways lack surveillance by the National Guard which ensures that assaults, robberies, and murders are constant.

They also demand the placement by the Secretariat of Communications and Transport Infrastructure (SICT) for late-model cargo and tourism vehicles, which are already registered in their system.

“We request official operating rates, because without them it is impossible to renew our units”, abounds.

What will the carriers demand in the road demonstration?

They also ask that the circulation of double articulated vehicles be prohibited, since they are the cause of thousands of deaths, due to the accidents in which they participate daily; as well as to stop the abuses and extortions by both state and municipal police, throughout the country.

Regarding the excessive charges for the towing service, the requirement is that they respect the official rates; that the cost of toll roads decrease, since they are excessive and lack maintenance, and do not comply with the services they offer; In addition, it is necessary for the SICT to authorize the reclassification of highways.

They also need a longer term to complement the Bill of Lading, since they still do not have the adequate conditions to comply with the requirement and, more so in the countryside.

Valentín Romero Trujillo, Amotac delegate at a press conference to report on the national road strike / Photo: Mayra Figueiras

What time will the demonstration of Amotac members start?

He said that the peaceful demonstration, which will travel through the country’s highways, will begin at eight in the morning and, if there is no response, they will march slowly towards the Mexico City (CDMX) zócalo.

Finally, he argues that the rulers push them to carry out these actions, due to a lack of interest and commitment to this sector, despite the fact that it moves the necessary merchandise for the development of the industry, as well as the basic basket for households.