6 Amazing Ice Fishing Camping Locations in Canada


Camping is one of the most popular and accessible hobbies. After all, you can go on a trip at any time of the year. The main thing is to have the necessary equipment and a suitable tent.

At the same time, camping is a universal hobby as numerous activities can be combined with an overnight stay in nature. One of these activities is winter fishing. In general, fishermen and hunters are those groups of people for whom the tent and camping are a consequence of their main hobby and not the purpose of the trip itself.

Today, we will talk about ice fishing, or rather, about interesting places in Canada where you can enjoy nature, spend time with friends, and try your luck to catch a trophy!

Canada offers a wide variety of waters when it comes to fishing. These are both small pounds and large lakes. In addition, many of them are often surrounded by magnificent nature, breathtaking landscapes, and scenic views. What could be better than combining natural beauty with an activity that interests you most?

The main thing to do is to prepare, choose a wonderful location, and gather the necessary gear, such as considering reliable winter camping shelters and tent wood stoves to keep warm and comfortable while fishing and camping.

Let’s take a look at six great spots in Canada where you can enjoy camping and ice fishing.

Whiteswan Lake

This lake is in British Columbia, and it is one of the most famous and popular directions in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park.

Here, RV campsites are available to visitors, as well as parking for cars. At the same time, there is no parking fee during the winter, making Whiteswan Lake an attractive option for ice fishing as you can save extra.

Here you can catch different types of fish, including trout.

But you should keep in mind that most car parks are gated in winter, so you may have to get out of your car and walk for a while to the lake.

Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing is located in Ontario and is another ice fishing spot worth visiting.

The lake is about three and a half hours north of Toronto. Here for fishermen are available different camping types, such as RV and tent. However, keep in mind that some campsites are open only from May to October, so check the availability before your trip.

Among the fish you can catch here are walleye, pike, perch, and whitefish. These species are quite active in winter, so the catches here are good!

In addition, Lake Nipissing is an attractive place not only for fishing enthusiasts from all over Canada but also for locals. Therefore, you can always ask for advice and learn more information about fishing from them.

Kananaskis Lakes

Next on our list is the Kananaskis Lake in Alberta. As with Lake Nipissing, there are different campsites available. Whether it’s RV or tent campgrounds, as well as sites with or without amenities. This makes Kananaskis Lakes an ideal option for different groups of people with their specific needs and preferences. So if comfort is critical to you during ice fishing, this place is the perfect choice!

Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes are available for fishing. Among the fish you can catch are rainbow, bull, and cutthroat trout. However,   several rules and restrictions are in Alberta. This means that some types of fish are only for catch and release! Therefore, check the provincial fishing regulations in advance to avoid misunderstandings or fines.

Lake Newell

Another interesting location in Alberta is Lake Newell.

This lake is an artificial reservoir with a rich variety of fish. Here you can catch species such as burbot, lake whitefish, northern pike, walleye, and yellow perch.

In addition, when visiting Lake Newell, you can find plenty of options for RV camping or staying at one of the sites available in Kinbrook Island Provincial Park right next to the lake.

Lake Newell is a two-hour drive from Calgary, so it’s pretty easy to get to.

Cold Lake

The province of Alberta offers many different options for winter fishing, as there are indeed a large number of water bodies. And one of these is Cold Lake, located in the Far East, right on the border with Saskatchewan.

There are also various campsites available for visitors, including sites with amenities such as electricity and water connections.

For anglers, Cold Lake has a wide variety of fish to offer, including walleye, northern pike, yellow perch, burbot, trout, and even more!

The northern pike is the easiest to catch here, while the walleye is quite elusive, so you’ll need some luck to get it as a trophy!

Quesnel Lake

The last location on our list is Quesnel Lake. This lake is in British Columbia, closer to the border with Alberta. You can get to the lake by driving about 85 kilometers from the town of Likely.

Many fishing and camping resorts are available here, among which the most famous are Elysia Resort and Plato Island Resort & Marina. Therefore, visitors can choose from a variety of options for where to stay, making Quesnel Lake an attractive option when it comes to finding an interesting ice fishing spot.

It is worth noting that some sites are not available for RV camping in winter. Thus, it is worthwhile to check all the details before arrival.

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