Tragic accident on the Mexico-Oaxaca highway leaves at least 14 dead


A preliminary toll of 14 dead and 25 injured individuals resulted from a collision that occurred on the Oaxaca-Mexico highway. Personnel from Federal Roads and Bridges reported the closure of both lanes and the suspension of traffic due to this incident.

According to preliminary data, the collision involved a passenger bus carrying people from Oaxaca and some foreign nationals.

A list that has been circulated by various sources on social media mentions some of the survivors and requests assistance in locating their relatives:

  • Luis Enrique Salazar
  • María del Carmen Aguilar Hernández
  • Daniel Asuro, Venezuelan
  • Ángel Alexis Ramírez Sánchez
  • Mateo Cortés Pérez
  • Carlos Gerardo Hernández Paulino
  • Janet María Castillo Cabrera
  • Francisca Cruz

Federal Roads and Bridges personnel were dispatched to the scene to transport the individuals to hospitals in Tehuantepec, Puebla.

Personnel from the Oaxaca State General Prosecutor’s Office are conducting the necessary investigations, and as of 7:00 AM this Tuesday, the Oaxaca government has not issued an official statement regarding the incident.

Source: MARCA

The Oaxaca Post