Tamaulipas seeks that Gómez Farías, Hidalgo and Ocampo will be Magical Towns 


The Ministry of Tourism in Tamaulipas is looking for Hidalgo, Ocampo and Gómez Farías to become part of the ‘Magic Towns’, meanwhile the application of the ‘Magic Color Routes’ program will begin in Reynosa. 

This was highlighted by Omar Villafuerte Sánchez, director of Infrastructure and Tourism Development, of the Secretary of Tourism in Tamaulipas, when pointing out the religious importance of the “Chorrito”, in Hidalgo, the natural beauty of the so-called Tamaulipas orchard of Ocampo and the natural paradise of Gómez Farías, who is the most advanced in the requirements. 

He explained that many factors intervene in the process of magical towns, and work is being done so that tourism turns to see these places. 

Program ‘Magic Color Routes’ 

It consists of fixing the facades according to the color palette set by the INAH, restoration, ravages of saltpeter, restoration, and paint from the color palette is applied to the first painting of magical towns. 

The program began for magical towns but now it has been extended to any city, they are already in Reynosa, to apply the program and that already attracts you more, for any municipality that wants to beautify its first square of the city. 

     “We have identified the magical towns as the architectural, the cultural, several municipalities have it, but coupled with this is the natural issue, also all the attractions, nature points that can lend themselves to responsible tourism activity,” he explained. 

Finally, he said that to access the category of magical town, you have to follow the steps set by the Federation, that is where a lot of the municipalities and their tourist regulations come in. 

Source: Milenio