Operation ‘Manipulated Alligator’: This what we know about the fraud in which 55 million dollars were stolen in Mexico 


In Mexico, a new type of fraud was discovered that has to do with phishing through which a robbery was committed for 55 million dollars. 

Phishing is the dissemination of fraudulent emails that pretend to be companies or institutions, explains the Government of Mexico. 

Crowdfund Insider, the website that covers the global industry of disruptive finance, details that through the Israeli cyber defense firm Perception Point, this online fraud was discovered. 

According to the company, both companies and individuals in Mexico have been scammed through phishing since 2021. 

Step by step this is the hack of ‘Manipulated Cayman’ by which your data is stolen 

The hack was dubbed the ‘Handled Alligator’ and began as an email attachment. 

When clicked, the malware is automatically downloaded to the computer, allowing access to the computer. 

Perception Point exemplifies one of the emails that the victims received, one of which had to do with unpaid bills. 

The email included a CFDI invoice, which, when downloaded, opened the attached file with “malicious” content. 

“If a user submitted bank account information, criminals were given access, who could steal the money. The infected machine also acts as a vector to spread the malware,” explains Crowdfund Insider. In addition to bank robberies, the virus took information from emails or Outlook and Chrome accounts. 

It is estimated that there were more than 4,000 victims of this fraud, according to Perception Point. The company also highlighted the lax approach to cybercrime in Mexico. 

This could be one of the factors why the scam lasted so long and affected several victims. 

The hackers designed this system so that it only affects people or organizations whose internet address (IP) is located in Mexico. 

   Source: El Financiero