“This is too much”, they exhibit a person who rents a rooftop room in La Condesa for 4,000 pesos 


Rents in Mexico City have skyrocketed, making it impossible for many people to rent space on the periphery of the capital. 

In addition, there are neighborhoods in the city where it is almost inaccessible to pay rent, and this is partly due to the phenomenon known as gentrification. 

A few days ago, a complaint from a user who pointed out that he was deceived by an ad went viral. 

And it is that the complainant said that he was looking to rent a place, and they offered him a place on a roof in very poor condition at an exorbitant price, just for being located in the Condesa neighborhood. 

What did the ad say? 

In the ad, it was supposedly stated that the room was 20 square meters, however, in reality it was only 10 square meters. 

In the images that circulate on social networks, you can see a tiny and dirty space with a small toilet, a small space for a shower and a tiny laundry room. 

The indignation of the users did not wait, generating a lot of disgust among the attendees. 

After the criticism, the owner pulled down the publication just to share “cleaner” photos of the place but raising 500 pesos to the final rental price. 

It is more and more frequent that the owners of spaces in these areas begin to raise prices so much that it has become unaffordable for many to live renting. 

Different experts point out that gentrification has accentuated the distinction of status and social class in the inhabitants of urban spaces. 

Although the phenomenon has grown in popularity in recent years, the reality is that it began to be reported in the 1960s. 

   Source: Reporte Indigo