Morena candidate Manuel Velasco and his team stopped by police officers in Veracruz


Manuel Velasco, an aspirant to lead the Committees for the Defense of the 4T (Fourth Transformation), and his team, were detained by a convoy of Veracruz Police after visiting several municipalities in the state.

In a video posted by columnist Salvador García, it can be seen that a vehicle stops the senator’s convoy, and the officers engage in a discussion with what appears to be a member of the former governor of Chiapas’ group.

Velasco’s communication team stated that they will file a report against the Police and those responsible.

On the other hand, the Veracruz Public Security Secretariat rejected the claim of excessive force against the driver and stated that the detention was carried out according to protocol, as tinted windows are prohibited in the state.

Source: Diario Cambio

Veracruz Daily Post