Growth continues in Mazatlán; 160 developments are active 


Mazatlan, Sin. -The growth in Mazatlán continues, since 160 developments are currently being built, of which more than 80 are vertical tourism and industrial themes, said Ismael Tirado. 

The president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals in Mazatlán assured that the state and municipal governments are working on projects to guarantee services such as water, drainage and mobility on roads. 

“Mazatlán has grown and rapidly, also leads to disorderly growth, which is why the state and municipal governments are already working on public service plans,” he said. 

He recognized that for the city to grow and develop in an orderly manner, regulations must be complied with, and corruption avoided. 

Tirado stated that the developers started with the regulations and that currently all have the necessary permits to continue with the construction, however, all must follow the same line. 

“Fortunately, we have all the projects with the permits, the mayor told us that some projects did not have the current permits, but at this time, according to the Planning Department, all the developments are already online and ordered, that means that they are complying with the regulations,” he said.  

The president of AMPI mentioned that Mazatlán has that line of opportunity and that there is time to improve what is not right. 

“The new construction zones of Mazatlán are in order, the problem was from the birth of Mazatlán in urban development, they gained land from the sea, they are below sea level, that’s why the floods,” he highlighted. 

   Source: El Sol de Mazatlan