If Marie Antoinette lived, she would stay at this ‘French style’ hotel in Mérida 


L’Epicerie will be the favorite option for those looking for a classic hotel in Mérida, it has an irresistible French style that even Marie Antoinette would have loved. 

Among its many attractions, Mérida is a city that stands out for its incredible architecture, since in it you can see an incredible fusion of indigenous and colonial influences, which in turn reflect an important part of its historical heritage. There is a hotel that finds the perfect balance between the colonial essence of the destination and a classic charm present in each of its corners, and that definitely recalls the style of Marie Antoinette thanks to its unique decoration. 

Mérida is one of the most special destinations in all of Mexico, a city that is receiving more and more characteristic projects for its avant-garde essence and the care taken in its architectural design. Among the most beautiful hotels in Mérida is L’Epicerie, an accommodation that is part of the Coqui Residences & Spa portfolio and shares a unique experience with its guests. 

This classic hotel in Mérida incorporates an urban character and colonial charm, this being established inside a beautiful century-old house that shows a small part of the architectural heritage of the destination, restored with a sophisticated style and French-influenced decorations. It recaptures the belle époque through intricate tile work, grand velvet drapes, classic chandeliers, and period furniture, which no doubt closely resembles the style with which Marie Antoinette is associated. 

It should be noted that L’Epicerie is one of the many accommodations belonging to Coqui Coqui, a perfumery brand that expanded its proposal to also offer a shop for artisan design products, a spa with relaxing treatments developed with its products, and a line of Characteristic residences for their sophisticated design. This means that L’Epicerie also has sections dedicated to the display of perfumes, as well as a pleasant aroma in each of its spaces. 

As for its rooms, they have various elements that make them look like they were taken from a colonial castle, such as antique mirrors with gold frames, iron canopy beds, French bathtubs, marble tables and more. Without a doubt, it will be one of the perfect hotels in Mérida to pamper yourself with a classic stay with an elevated design. 

Address: Calle 55 N.516 (Between 62 and 64), Centro, Mérida. 

Telephone: 985 109 7300 

Website: www.coquicoqui.com 

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