Mexican actress María Félix honored by Mattel with new Barbie doll


Mattel is honoring the late and legendary Mexican actress María Félix with a new Barbie.

The Mária Félix doll celebrates her legacy, contribution to Mexican cinema and cultural betterment, and her advocacy for women’s equality and indigenous groups.

Félix was given the nickname “La Doña” for her unforgettable performance in 1943’s “Doña Bárbara.”

Barbie Signature Lead Designer Carlyle Nuera created a dress that shines with all the glamour of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. It includes a long sheer scarf and a black tulle train that lends the design a note of elegant drama.

The bodice of the dress features a black overlay that drapes in the back and cinches at the front with an ornate, golden filigree brooch.

The doll also features Félix’s signature voluminous curls, characteristically raised right eyebrow, and a recognizable beauty mark on her left cheek.

Mattel is honoring the late Mexican actress María Felix with a new Barbie, on August 7, 2023. (Doll images by Mattel)

La Doña’s dynamic personality, beauty, intelligence, and social conscience made her an inspiration across the world. She starred in 47 films and became an international cultural icon.

The María Félix Barbie doll is available for purchase at Mattel’s online shop for $40.

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