They kill a man in Parque Juárez; murderers fled by bicycle [VIDEO] 


Authorities confirmed that it was a direct attack, although they did not reveal the reasons 

León, Gto.- A man was shot to death this morning in the San Miguel neighborhood, next to Parque Juárez. Incredibly, the murderers fled aboard two bicycles and despite this, they were not arrested.  

Some curious who were in the area reported that the event was an assault, as the attackers took the victim’s bicycle. However, this was denied by the authorities of the León Citizen Security, Prevention and Protection Secretariat who confirmed that it was a direct attack against the now deceased. However, they did not reveal the motive for the murder. 

 The incident was reported at eleven in the morning, on Honda de San Miguel street, between Río Santiago and Río Verde, one block from Timoteo Lozano boulevard and Venustiano Carranza boulevard.  

The victim was walking through the site, in the direction of Timoteo Lozano Boulevard, when the two men who were riding bicycles approached him and without saying a word shot him directly in the head and chest. 

At the scene, some people mentioned that they heard between four and six shots of a firearm and then saw the subjects flee on bicycles. After the attack, the man strayed and lay face down on the pavement, near the destroyed location of the Transportation System, which was disabled a long time ago. 

The now deceased has not been identified, he is a man of approximately 30 years, dark, thin who wore a red shirt and jeans pants. On one side of his body, a cap was found, as well as shell casings whose caliber was not specified. 

The area was cordoned off by the Municipal Police while Civil Protection lifeguards tried to provide first aid to the man, but unfortunately, they could only certify his death. The Prosecutor’s Office, for its part, initiated the corresponding ministerial proceedings. 

With this criminal act, there are 48 intentional homicides registered in these 16 days of August, in the city of León. 

  Source: Noticias Vespertinas