Passengers evacuated at the Querétaro International Airport 


Dozens of passengers who were waiting to board their flights on the runway of the Querétaro International Airport in the municipality of Colón, were evacuated due to the activation of a fire alarm, however, after a few minutes it was confirmed that it was a false alarm. 

According to the reports issued by several people who were about to board their respective planes, they indicated that an alarm was activated, a situation that caused the mobilization of the emergency bodies that the Airport has and later the personnel told them that they had to be in the security areas. 

It was for several minutes that the fire units of the complex were deployed to the point where it was indicated that the fire would have occurred, but after a thorough check, any type of danger to the personnel and passengers was ruled out and it was argued that possibly faced with a failure in the system activated the fire alarm. 

Once the situation was brought under control and since there was no fire or accident that could put people at risk, they only proceeded to withdraw from the runway to once again allow the pilots’ previous maneuvers. 

Finally, the dozens of people were only scared by the mobilization, but none of them deserved to be evaluated in the face of a possible nervous breakdown or fainting, so they were allowed to go to their respective air crafts to take their seats.  

  Source: Diario de Queretaro