Rains leave the inhabitants of Santiago Atitlán, Oaxaca isolated 


The heavy rains that have been registered in the last hours in the Oaxacan territory derived from tropical wave 22 left the municipal seat Santiago Atitlán isolated and the ranches of El Potrero, El Molino, Santa Cruz, El Álamo, confirmed the community authority headed by President Mario Martinez Gonzalez. 

In a public document, the community council reported that Santiago Atitlán is without economic resources to be able to face the impacts of rains that have occurred in the last few hours, for which reason they urgently called on Governor Salomón Jara Cruz to help them with machinery and so open the main access. 

“We fear that with the rains that will continue in Oaxacan territory, people’s lives may be put at risk.” 

The council indicated that they do not have support from the state government and much less from the municipal commissioner, Fernando Molina Alcántara, who told them that he will give a quota of 50 thousand pesos per month. 

“The commissioner told us that by giving us a resource, it is a favor, because the law prevents us from giving economic resources to the community authorities. What we are experiencing with the rains worries us, we don’t have the money to deal with them,” the text reads. 

This Mixe municipality is located 4 hours from the capital of Oaxaca and has about 3,500 inhabitants, the most affected being about 2,000 inhabitants, without receiving help so far, despite the fact that the total resources allocated to the sector 28 for the municipal seat and its 8 ranches is 3 million, 836 thousand 157 according to what was published in the Official Newspaper of the State of Oaxaca dated December 15, 2022. 

The community council called on the public institutions of the state and federal government to support the population. 

  Source: Aristegui Noticias