Spain is interested in 100 percent Sinaloan products 


Deputy Leobardo Alcántara reported that the Spanish ambassador in Mexico could come to Mazatlán at the end of October for a collaboration signature with businessmen 

MAZATLÁN.- Products such as octopus, dehydrated mango, shrimp and vegetables are the ones they are seeking to bring to Spain to market them from Sinaloa, informed federal deputy Leobardo Alcántara Martínez. 

The idea is that, at the end of October, the Spanish ambassador in Mexico pays a visit to Sinaloa with the purpose of meeting local businessmen and establishing a collaboration agreement for exports to that European country. 

“The dried mango caught his attention; among others, there are octopus, shrimp, lobster, vegetables, which although not much, they are interested in more grains, they will see the grains from Sinaloa to be interested”. 

 Alcántara Martínez pointed out that he will seek that all interested businessmen, from north to south of Sinaloa, are in this meeting with the ambassador of Spain and that, during his visit, the commercialization of Sinaloan products to that country can be specified. 

“The Ambassador agreed to formally come to Sinaloa at the end of October to have a talk with all the businessmen, both farmers, ranchers and fishermen to see the issue of direct imports,” he commented. 

Currently, they are in the process of evaluating and verifying compliance with sanitary and phytosanitary standards, as well as aspects related to marketing. These efforts seek to get ahead of the negotiations and ensure that the products meet the necessary requirements to be exported to Spain. 

In the same way, the federal deputy is also working on the possibility of involving the Belgian ambassador, with the intention of further expanding the opportunities for marketing Sinaloan products to another European country. 

Source: Punto