Migrants from Africa and Central America were detained on a highway in Sonora 


This August 12, the National Guard (GN) in collaboration with the National Institute of Migration (INM) managed to detain 62 migrants of different nationalities, who were traveling in six passenger buses. 

The protection actions were carried out exactly at km 146+200 of the Hermosillo-Nogales highway, where the elements of the National Guard that carried out security, surveillance and crime prevention tasks, accompanied by personnel from the National Institute of Migration, noticed the public transport units. 

Therefore, they proceeded to carry out a review of each of the buses, the national guards interviewed the passengers and identified 41 men, including 15 minors and 21 women, 4 minors, for a total of 62 people. Migrants from Ecuador, India, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Mali, Nigeria, Brazil and Sudan. 

It should be noted that they did not have the documentation to prove their legal stay in Mexico, so the group had to be transferred to the facilities of the National Institute of Migration in Hermosillo. They were provided with food and medical assistance for those who needed it, and they also received guidance related to the immigration procedures they must carry out while their legal situation is defined. 

During the first week of August, another similar case was reported, a total of 62 migrants from Central America, Asia and Africa, who were traveling in a passenger bus on the Hermosillo-Nogale highway, were detained. 

The group was made up of 2 minors, 10 women and 50 men, and they were immediately transferred to the facilities of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in Hermosillo, Sonora, to receive immediate medical attention and legal assistance. 

Even though the migrants themselves are aware of the risks involved in crossing a country illegally, they continue to leave their homes in search of that dream with opportunities for a better life. 

Some of the dangers that persecute travelers include the crime of kidnapping; According to a government report released last May, more than 2,000 migrants were deprived of their liberty by gangs of smugglers and drug cartels in the year 2022. 

For its part, the Mexican migration agency said that authorities were able to free at least 2,115 migrants of various nationalities who had been kidnapped by gangs in 2022. 

According to information revealed by the authorities, criminal organizations appear to charge migrants for crossing Mexico and then kidnap them for ransom. Unfortunately, there has been a series of such mass kidnappings of migrants in Mexico in recent months. 

Between 200 and 300 migrants enter the country daily, the region faces an unprecedented migratory flow with more than 2 million undocumented people intercepted by the United States at the border with Mexico in fiscal year 2022. 

It should be noted that in addition to the danger of kidnapping, robbery or extortion, people also end up traveling in overcrowded trucks. 

  Source: Infobae