Come to Colima and discover the magnificent archaeological site of “La Campana”


COLIMA, MEXICO (August 14, 2023).- The archaeological zone was discovered in 1524 by the Spanish. Before the arrival of the European conquerors, this civilization developed in western Mexico parallel to other regional developments such as Teotihuacán and Monte Albán.

Colima is a beautiful state and has unique sites such as the archaeological zone of La Campana, a destination that stands out for the layout of its streets and its striking petroglyphs (drawings engraved on stone or rock), which can be seen in the squares and patios of this historic site.

The main attraction of the archaeological site, belonging to the Tehuchitlán tradition, is the shaft tombs. These mortuary enclosures are basically vertical wells of a certain depth with one, two, or even three chambers at the bottom where the dead were buried. In turn, it is still possible to appreciate the drainage system and constructions of an administrative, religious, and residential nature on circular and quadrangular platforms, and even a Ball Game.

La Campana also offers endless stories, but also impressive views of the Fuego Volcano, the Pereira Stream, and the Colima River that captivate and excite.

Official data indicates that the original name of the place was Almoloya (in the Nahuatl language “place between running water”), indicated in the historical sources of the 16th century as an important settlement near the Temple of San Francisco de Almoloyán, which was founded at the beginning of the same century with natives of the region.

The archaeological zone of La Campana in Colima is only 15 minutes from the state capital. It is located on Avenida Periférico Norte, between the Tecnológico de Colima and Arroyo Pereira, northwest of the city of Colima, in the municipality of Villa de Álvarez.

The site is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon and the entrance cost for the general public is 65 pesos, it also has guided tours and a parking lot.

To find out more about this destination, you can call the visitor service telephone numbers: (312) 313 49 46 and (312) 313 49 45, ext. 158002.

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