Automotive company Lectra sees more manufacturers leaving Asia for Mexico

Trade experts said any appreciation in the peso’s value against the dollar could affect everything from trucking freight rates to the cost of exports from Mexico. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

With over 40 years of industry experience, Lectra’s powerful software, hardware, and services build agility and efficiency into every step of your process, from design to production.

As more global manufacturers seek to cut costs and risks in their supply chains, many are seeing locations across the Americas (including Mexico, of course), as prime destinations for new or expanding factories.

Large brands that were relying on factories in Asia to manufacture their products are deciding to make their investments closer to their end consumers in North America, said Leonard Marano, president of the Americas for Lectra.

Founded in 1973 in Paris and with 2,500 employees worldwide today, Lectra provides industrial intelligence solutions — software, equipment, data, and services — to the fashion, automotive, furniture, and aerospace markets.

“Coming out of the pandemic, customers across all of our markets are rethinking their supply chain,” Marano told FreightWaves. “It’s not just the supply side, there’s the production side. We see a very strong desire to get products closer to the consumer, which allows for better control of inventory, better control of quality, reduces lead times, and speeds up time to market.”

Source: Lectra

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