These are the most popular places in Tamaulipas among tourists 


A recovery of almost 100% in visitor capacity is experienced in the southern zone of Tamaulipas as the tourist spots registered the highest influx in the last three years. The suburban area, made up of Tampico, Madero and Altamira are the most visited in our state. 

Tampico is having a record of just over 280,000 people served by the Ministry of Tourism, while Miramar beach presents a statistic of around 930,000 bathers. 

Elvia Holguera Altamirano, Tampico’s Secretary of Tourism commented that so far this vacation the tourist spots have seen a high influx, especially the Carpintero lagoon, where hundreds of people come together daily and on weekends it grows in an important way. 

He indicated that in comparison with previous years the number of visitors that the Ministry of Tourism has attended in the city tours increased by 45%, “this amount is only the one that is registered when a service is provided to the tourist in the attractions, however, there are another number of people who arrive and walk on their own.” 

Miramar Beach receives more than 100 thousand visitors on weekends 

Separately, Yolanda González López, Secretary of Tourism in Madero, said that only last August 5, Playa Miramar had an attendance of 65,592 tourists, 13,064 cars and 162 charters, while on Sunday 66,626 visitors arrived, 13 thousand 163 cars and 176 buses. 

He pointed out that the maximum tourist tour has received visitors from Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Hidalgo and CD Mx, mainly, being the first weekend of August the best of the entire vacation period, a total of 935 thousand people who chose Miramar beach for enjoy the summer. 

In Altamira they also opt for the lagoon and the food 

While the municipality of Altamira has a record of just over eight thousand people who have visited the area of the Champayán lagoon and the gastronomic areas that are offered in the city, most of the visitors with families residing in this municipality. 

This is how the summer holidays reaffirmed that Tampico, Ciudad Madero and Altamira are the destination with the highest influx in Tamaulipas, being even more ‘popular’ among tourists than the entity’s magical towns. 

Source: El Sol de Tampico