Why has Ciudad Madero not had a cinema for more than 30 years? This despite being a tourist municipality 


Ciudad Madero is considered one of the most thriving municipalities and the main tourist attraction in Tamaulipas, but despite this, it has been without cinemas for more than 30 years. Since the 90s this city in the south of Tamaulipas does not have a venue for the projection of films. 

The last one to close was the “Cine Teatro Madero”, which was in the building of the Union of Oil Workers of the Mexican Republic (STPRM). 

In the almost 100 years of Ciudad Madero, the municipality has had several cinemas that over the years have been closing. 

What cinemas have been in Ciudad Madero? 

But this lack of places to watch movies did not always exist, since in the last century there were several venues. Among them: 

     Red Cinema, right in front of what is now the Municipal Market “18 de Marzo” 

     Cine “Obrero”, where it is currently the headquarters of the presidency 

     The “Terraza”, in what is now the “Fray Elías Nieves” church, in the Tinaco neighborhood 

     The “Cine Teatro Águila o Tamesí”, in the heart of Ciudad Madero 

In these it is even mentioned that characters such as Pedro Infante appeared, but they did not manage to transcend to the current century. 

There is no date for Madero to have a new cinema, what is needed? 

Due to the lack of spaces for the development of shopping centers, for the moment in the municipality of the oil city the arrival of a chain of cinemas that detonates the first scene of the city is not contemplated. 

In August 2022, when the director of Economic Development was Ramón Gómez Narváez mentioned that despite the efforts that have been made to attract investors, it was not possible to land these projects that the municipality needs. 

“For Madero there is still no (film project); We already talked to some companies about some corporate ones, they are corporate ones that have department stores and have cinemas. 

They were told that Madero was interested in a cinema for the city center and the general director told us that the cinema was part of the store, so we cannot open an independent cinema when there is no store, ”he indicated. 

There is a lack of very large land to carry out commercial development 

He mentioned that investors need very large lots to carry out commercial development and in the downtown area there is not that space that is required, however, he added that other types of entrepreneurs have been sought to see the feasibility. 

“We need a very large piece of land, there is none in the downtown area, we would have to look at other areas, but we are in talks with other movie theater companies and with some property owners in the downtown area trying to make the link to the channels for an investment of this type to materialize”, he asserted. 

They rule out the construction of a cinema in the underground area of the Isauro Alfaro square 

Until then, the authorities had contemplated the underground area of the Isauro Alfaro square, however, due to the conditions in which it is found, this option would be ruled out until a total rehabilitation of these spaces is carried out. 

The Public Works department mentioned that it has not yet been defined what type of projects could reach this part of the city and it will depend on the resources available to be able to carry out the work required by this space, which was fully recovered by the local authority. 

Ciudad Madero requires attractions for tourist, so a cinema could be a good option; especially considering that for more than 30 years it has not had one. 

Source: El Sol de Tampico