Tlaxcala boasts a wealth of marvels and stands out as a travel destination (VIDEO)


Even though it is the smallest state in Mexico, Tlaxcala is a great travel destination

Tlaxcala is indeed a reality, and it boasts a wealth of marvels. Despite being Mexico’s second smallest state, its allure lies in its captivating architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and rich traditions that are undeniably worth exploring. Among its culinary treasures, you’ll encounter pulque, festive bread, and the delectable mole Prieto.

A rendezvous with history awaits at Hacienda Santa Barbara Casa Malinche, a 17th-century hacienda. Here, you’ll bask in the warmth of a rustic ambiance. The chapel, graced by an original bell tower, and the thoughtfully modified rooms maintain the ecological essence of the surroundings. Beyond the rooms, Hacienda Santa Barbara offers the option of cabins and suites.

The Tlaxcala Carnival beckons with an exuberant fiesta of dance and music, uniquely characterized by the “huehues,” an indigenous dance that playfully lampoons the Spanish. In 2013, this jubilant celebration attained the esteemed title of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the State of Tlaxcala. The festivities unfold from February 20 to 25, marked by slight variations in the program from year to year.

A mere kilometer from Tlaxcala’s heart lies the Basilica of Our Lady of Ocotlán. The name of this sacred edifice pays homage to the abundant “ocote” trees that once graced the area, their pine-scented presence reminiscent of burning embers.

This architectural masterpiece, spanning the 17th and 18th centuries, emerged from an apparition of the Virgin Mary to the indigenous figure Juan Diego Bernardino. This divine encounter guided him to a source of healing waters. The Baroque façade is a tapestry of intricate stucco work, forming an ornate shell housing the serene figures of the Virgin, Saint Francis of Assisi, and the seven Archangels. Inside, your senses will be captivated by the opulent golden altars adorning the presbytery, a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of Francisco Miguel Tlayotehuanitzin, a proud indigenous artisan of Tlaxcala.

The Staircase of Heroes, or Staircase of Tlaxcala, offers an unparalleled panoramic vista of the city. A tribute to the valiant heroes of the Mexican Revolution and Independence, this vantage point consists of 250 steps. As you ascend, statues paying homage to historical luminaries grace your path. The pinnacle hosts a majestic statue in honor of the formidable Tlaxcalan warrior Xicohténcatl.

Dive into the natural splendor of the Altiplano Zoo, a haven for regional mammals, reptiles, and birds. The sanctuary’s sprawling 14-hectare expanse, nestled in the municipality of Apetatitlán, a mere 16 km from Tlaxcala’s urban heart, is a testament to nature’s bounty. A revitalization effort in 2014 enhanced infrastructure and veterinary facilities, supporting the zoo’s vital conservation mission. With a breeding program that has nurtured a population exceeding 500 individuals across more than 100 species, it’s a perfect family outing.

Location: Km 32.5 Ex Rancho La Aguanaja, Carr. Puebla-Apizaco, San Pablo Apetatitlán, 90600 Apetatitlán, Tlax.

Source: Turismo Tlaxcala

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