Stain in the ocean is a natural phenomenon, says Pemex


Octavio Romero, director of Pemex, stated that the stain in the sea is not caused by a leak in the pipeline in the Campeche Sound but rather is a natural phenomenon called “Chapopoteras.”

During a press conference, he pointed out that a leak occurred when installing new pipelines in the Ek-Balam field, which was detected on June 3rd, and its repair was completed on July 22nd.

On July 18th, the Mexican Navy (Semar) identified an oil stain spanning 5.2 nautical miles.

Romero accused the newspaper Reforma of not reporting the incident adequately, as the stains shown correspond to “Chapopote” (tar or heavy oil), while the extraction in Ek-Balam involves light oil.

Source: OEM

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