Tips for a Family Christmas Trip on a Budget


Going on vacation and escaping the everyday scenery, especially during more festive periods, like Christmas, is always desirable. When it comes to a family trip, it’s harder to coordinate such a decision, as not only do you have much more specifications to consider, but also as the cost increases. On the other hand, it is a heart-warming feeling to spend such moments with your most beloved ones and to create core memories for those youngsters.

Although, there are some strategies that can make a massive difference in the total cost of the trip, even in times of high demand. making it actually much more feasible and possible to take place.

  1. Currency Matters

As known, not all countries share the same currency. Among the different currencies, the strength is different, which means that for a traveler that uses exchange, there will be profit or loss. Choosing as a destination, a country that uses currency with lower strength than yours, you get the chance to either assure your basic needs at a much lower total cost (so save money) or get higher services and enjoy a luxurious vacation, with the same amount of amount you would need for the basics, elsewhere.

Such destinations, which also combine natural beauty, are mainly found in the Balkans, such as Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, etc.

  1. Transportation

Catching a flight is the most comfortable way to travel between countries.

Although, it is not a dead-end. When it comes to a high-peak season, booking needs to be made very early, if you want to succeed at a price that does not equal a fortune.
Additionally, traveling with children – according to their age – changes a lot of the necessary luggage, which can add up to the cost.

Maybe you should consider looking for an alternative, substituting some of your stayings with travel days, making middle stops. Take a look at train ticket deals, or even driving to your destination, as the petrol will be much cheaper due to the different currencies.

  1. Combine Accommodation with Fun

Keeping children occupied, delightful, and manageable during the biggest part of the day is not an easy task. Additionally, on the one hand, the cold limits the range of outdoor activities while on the other, a snowy setting increases the cozy Christmassy feeling.

Combine them both, choosing a ski resort as your accommodation. Luckily, from the countries mentioned above, Bulgaria has a charming mountainous landscape, with a famed resort. Several options for ski passes and ski classes and resorts can be explored on Erna Low. Even hiring a nanny to enjoy a romantic night just with your spouse, is an option.

  1. Pursue Meal Deals

Tasty and good-quality food is an important factor for long-term post-trip memory.
And with all the mouthwatering dishes Christmas comes with, it makes total sense to face difficulty saving money from the meals.
What you can do is search for special discounts, for example for a certain amount of meals offered or for early booking. It is also possible to find offers for bigger groups, and in that case, a brief investigation of other travelers will be needed.