In Nayarit, sexual attacks grow by 70% (National Citizen Observatory)


Even though President López Obrador says that everything is fine in terms of security, cases of rape and violence are unstoppable in the country.

A report from the National Citizen Observatory indicates that the first semester of 2023 occupies the first place in the semi-annual rate of rapes, family violence, drug dealing, human trafficking, and other crimes that threaten freedom since it was recorded.

In the first half of 2023, the all-time high of the six-month incidence rate of the crime of rape was recorded. The trend remains upward. On average, a rape investigation folder was opened every 20 minutes during the semester.

Two large tourist areas (Baja California Sur and Quintana Roo) continue to be among the states with the highest rates of violation.

The rise of almost 70% in Nayarit is worrying given that the state is in the first place of prevalence at the national level.

In the first semester of 2023, the historical maximum of the semi-annual incidence rate of the crime of family violence was recorded.

The incidence of this crime continues to rise. On average, in this first semester of 2023, two investigation folders were opened every minute for family violence.

In said period, the second highest rate of incidence of extortions was registered since records have been recorded.

On average, one extortion victim is officially registered every hour. It was recorded 35% of these are women.

The rate of victims of crimes classified as Other crimes against freedom increased by 16.28% compared to the same period in 2022.

30 states registered increases in their semi-annual rate of crimes classified as Other crimes that threaten personal liberty.

During the first semester of 2023, the third-highest semi-annual rate of prevalence was recorded since there was a record for trafficking in persons. 488 victims were registered in the first semester of 2023. 70% were women and it is recorded that almost half of them were minors.

In the reference period, the historical maximum of the semi-annual rate of incidence of drug dealing was recorded.

Source: National Citizen Observatory

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