Trend Leisure Activities in Mexico in 2023: from Online Casinos to Travelling


Mexico is an amazing country with a huge population of more than 100 million citizens. At the current time, it is a highly sought-after tourist destination. Rich culture spans from its cuisine to its iconic music and stunning events which has gained worldwide recognition. Despite ancient civilizations, what are some of the leisure activities that modern-day Mexicans engage in? Let’s dive into their leisure activities.

Online casino visiting

It is worth noting that gambling features and laws have undergone essential changes in recent years. In fact, in 2016, regulations were changed in some areas. According to reliable sources, it seems that the gambling field will continue to experience rapid growth in the future years. Case in point, the Mexico iGaming area is predicted to experience a CAGR of 30 percent between 2020 and 2026.

As a result, the number of gambling fans is increased. Moreover, Mexicans tend to visit online casino to play for real money. First of all, this fact is connected to the rapid development of various gadgets such as smartphones and the appearance of head-spinning innovative technologies that bring a lot of options and unique features to online gambling.

Traveling options

Mexico is a place that attracts a good great deal of tourists annually. But do you know that the citizens of Mexica like traveling too? According to some investigations, approximately 42 percent of Mexicans prefer traveling around the world and throughout their motherland.

Nowadays, this country has numerous flights to other areas of Central America or its northern parts. And of course, people like the nature and atmosphere of Mexico, so they travel within it.

Video games

Thanks to the advancement of technology, such hobby as video gaming has become increasingly common in Mexico. Even countryside places in Mexico have access to a bigger number of technologies, leading to a rise in the number of gamers. The research found that 36 percent of Mexicans are crazy about gaming in some way, with nearly 8 million taking part in eSports competitions and millions more diving into streamed events. What is interesting, the same research also found that 43 percent of Mexicans are fans of active forms of time spending.

Physical activities and sports

Mexico is a beautiful country that provides countless options for outdoor enthusiasts. Beautiful mountains and ski opportunities give the chance to climb with unbelievable views, and the number of tennis courts and soccer pitches allows being a part of various competitions. And that is not it! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors here.

Soccer is one of the well-known sports in Mexico. The soccer team of this country participates in many international tournaments fuelling interest in this activity. Boxing is also a significant sport in modern Mexico, along with other fighting activities.

Activities connected to animals and pets

When it comes to national statistics, it shows that ownership of animals has become a trend among modern Mexicans. Imagine only more than 63 percent of people own a dog, while nearly 23 percent have a cat. Additionally, looking through shopping lists of Mexicans, we can understand that the number of home animals increased to 32 million in a period from 2016 to 2021.

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