This is the longest pier in the world, winner of a Guinness Record 


This imposing pier rises above the waters of the Gulf of Mexico as a marvel of Mexican engineering 

Progreso is a beautiful port located in the state of Yucatan, it has achieved a remarkable achievement by being recognized as the largest pier in the world, by Guinness Records. This impressive pier extends over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, crossing the region’s beautiful coastline, offering a unique experience for visitors.  

The Progreso pier is a center of activity and entertainment, especially during the tourist season. Here, visitors can find a wide variety of restaurants, bars, craft shops, and food stalls, where they can taste the most representative dishes of local cuisine and take-home unique souvenirs. In addition, the pier is also the departure point for cruises, sport fishing boats and other exciting water activities. 

How long is the Progreso pier, which was designated as the longest in the world? 

The Progreso pier offers an unforgettable visual experience for visitors. As you tour this impressive construction you can enjoy panoramic views of the ocean, feel the sea breeze and marvel at the changing colors of the water. This walk is an invitation to connect with the natural beauty of the coast and immerse yourself in the tranquility and serenity that the sea offers. 

Within the framework of the 152nd anniversary of Progreso, the authorities announced this important recognition. The Progreso pier stretches for more than 8 kilometers. This magnificent structure is a masterpiece of Mexican engineering that has required years of dedication and effort to build. 

The construction of the first stage of this dock was from 1937 to 1939, due to the need to transport more efficiently to Yucatan. The second stage was the construction of the customs office in 1945 and the last one was carried out in 1989; At the end of these three stages, it reached the exact length of 8 thousand 0.18 meters, for which it was recognized as the longest pier in the world. 

The Progreso pier has played an important role in the tourist attraction of the Yucatan region. Its recognition as the longest pier in the world is sure to attract the attention of national and international travelers eager to explore this unique destination. Tourists can enjoy the hospitality and warmth of the local people, discover the rich culture and traditions of the Yucatan, relax on beautiful beaches, and explore nearby archaeological sites such as Chichén Itzá. 

Source: Escapada