Mexico surpasses Spain in economy and is already the greatest Hispanic power!


Data on GDP from the World Bank place Mexico as the best Hispanic economy, surpassing Spain.

MEXICO CITY.- Mexico surpassed the economy of Spain and became the largest Hispanic power, according to data on the Gross Domestic Producer (GDP) of each country compiled by the World Bank.

Globally, the Mexican economy ranks 14th in the category, while Spain fell to fifteenth position.

Mexico is placed in that place largely due to the way in which it has been recovering after the Covid-19 pandemic and even exceeded its 2019 numbers.

Therefore, Spain had a recession in 2022 mainly affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine that had repercussions worldwide.

What is Mexico’s per capita income?

Although Mexico surpassed Spain and is the one that exports the most, in terms of wealth it ranks 7th, below Costa Rica, since this parameter takes GDP and divides it among the nation’s inhabitants to measure productivity and on average how much each person living in the country generates.

World Bank figures indicate that Mexico has a production of 11 thousand dollars per inhabitant, while Spain 30 thousand dollars per inhabitant, since the European country has approximately 3 times less population.

In Latin America, Uruguay, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica and Argentina have higher per capita income than Mexico.

Source: El Imparcial