Email Marketing for Student Business: Best Practices and Examples

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Today, your business can’t get anywhere without an effective marketing strategy. The competition is insane right now, so new companies and young startups need to put extra thought into how they are going to stand out. In this digital age, any kind of online interaction with your potential clientele can be effective. At the same time, some might think that the era of emails has already passed.

If you are one of those people, you couldn’t be more wrong! Sure, there are plenty of other channels to promote your company, including your website, networking, social media, and the ever-popular Linq card. On the other hand, email is one of the most powerful tools that can help you connect with your target audience! This can be true for those organizations that already have a client base, and for those that are only starting out.

In case you are a student who wants to create a startup, it’s critical to explore all possible marketing strategies and find what works for you. You might want to write essays service if you are feeling overwhelmed by this task and need someone to take homework off your hands. It’s not only about creating one template and sending it out several times. This is a challenging task for anyone!

So, do you still need to figure out if your advertising campaigns work as they should? Here is everything you need to know about email marketing for student businesses, including best practices and examples!

Why do you need a working digital marketing strategy?

First of all, let’s take a look at why young entrepreneurs need to spend money on something as outdated as email. You need to change your perspective about this advertising campaign so you can start challenging yourself to new heights! 

Even with the rise of social media, this channel of communication remains to be the most popular choice for most clients as they want to reach out to a business. Here are some of the top reasons to set up your email marketing strategy:

  • You can stay in contact with your target audience.
  • You can reach out to customers in real-time.
  • You can measure all important metrics that show if your internet campaign is working.
  • It’s far more affordable when you look at the cost per possible conversion numbers.
  • You can set up targeted messaging for specific clients.
  • Almost everybody uses email, which can’t be said about other social media platforms!
  • It can boost your brand awareness.

Best practices for email marketing for student business

Now that you know about the obvious benefits of digital marketing channels, you will learn more about how to make them work for you. Even though email advertising is cheaper, as it was mentioned before, it still can waste a lot of money and time if you don’t know what you are doing. So, here are the best practices that any young entrepreneur should know about!

Segment your audience

Segmentation is a very important element in email marketing. It allows you to deliver targeted and personalized content to different groups of subscribers. As a student business, you may have various types of customers, such as fellow classmates, faculty members, or local residents in your town or near campus. 

Basically, you can divide your potential clients into sections according to the following parameters:

  • Their interests;
  • Key demographics;
  • Previous purchase history;
  • Personal preferences;
  • Paying capabilities.

Create a strong subscriber list

You need to know where your promotions and sales are sent. This is why you need a strong subscriber list for your campaign. Encourage visitors to your website or customers at your physical location to opt-in to your email list by offering incentives such as discounts, exclusive content, or freebies. Don’t forget to make sure that the sign-in process is optional! Not everybody wants to be forced into marketing.

Also, if your budget allows, your advertising department has to use all social media platforms to capture leads and direct possible clients to the sign-up form on your website. You can take the example of the best dissertation writing services and see how they build up their subscriber list. Make sure that your potential customers won’t fall into the trap of mandatory letters that are hard to unsubscribe from!

Put out engaging content

Even when you think that nobody is opening your promotion letters, it’s always a good idea to deliver great content. Your letters should be informative and relevant to your target audience. Also, don’t try to clutter them with lots of text, and use visual elements like images and videos instead! 

Your subject line should also contain a short but relevant headline that will definitely grab the attention of the readers. Here is something to include in your letters to the content can attract more readers:

  • Offer exclusive promo codes;
  • Announce new products or services;
  • Share helpful tips;
  • Give out free merchandise with every purchase.
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Always provide optimization for mobile devices

This should be a no-brainer for every organization out there, especially when the target audience is the younger generation. Most students check their email and other social media accounts from their smartphones. As a result, having a letter that doesn’t open correctly on their phones is definitely a way to fail your marketing campaign targeted at students. It’s best to ask a developer to take a look!

Automate and personalize the letters

This tip can save you a lot of time and resources in the long run. Some students don’t have enough funds to hire developers or a huge marketing team. On the other hand, there are some resources that can automate your mailings and target them to specific audiences at a specific time of day. These tools are definitely worth their money when you think about it, so you don’t have to do everything by hand!


Now you know about the best practices of email marketing for student businesses. Don’t make quick decisions and disregard this tool completely. You can still get a lot out of a simple letter that is sent at the right time with the relevant information! Students will be surprised about how much traffic an email can get you.

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