Man is pushed onto the subway tracks during a fight in Monterrey (VIDEO)


Videos published on social networks show the moment in which three people are involved in a fight on the subway in the Mexican city of Monterrey, in the northern state of Nuevo León.

Users of the public transport service of the Monterrey capital, known as “Metrorrey”, filmed with cell phones the moment in which a man falls onto the subway tracks after being pushed by another subject.

According to local news outlet Info 7, affiliated with TV Azteca, the fight occurred at the Cuauhtémoc station on metro line 1 on Saturday, June 17, around 10:30 p.m. local time.

In the images, two men appear, one in a green shirt and the other in a dark shirt, starring in a fight with fists and kicks.

However, a third man with a cap intervenes in the fight and grabs the man in a black T-shirt from behind, and throws him onto the rails of public transport, in the video, you can even hear the impact of the man against the ground.

After the fall, the subject remains immobile on the Metrorrey tracks, after apparently having hit his head, all this, while the other users watch and others film the moment; The attackers escaped from the place.

According to Info 7, through a statement, Metrorrey reported that the person who fell onto the viaduct was taken by elements of the Red Cross to a hospital for medical attention, while the man who pushed him was detained by Civil Force authorities.

“The people who reacted to the video pointed out the lack of surveillance on the Metrorrey platforms,” ​​the Mexican media reports.

Source: Excelsior

Monterrey Daily Post