Beware, Mercado Libre and Amazon: Shein will open a marketplace and analyze manufacturing products in Mexico


Shein will compete with Mercado Libre and Amazon by opening its marketplace in Mexico so that small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and even well-known brands can join the platform.

“We have grown to become a comprehensive platform for fashion and life; In countries like Brazil and the United States we already offer products from external sellers together with our own brands, and now we are also introducing this type of marketplace in Mexico”, explained Marcelo Claure, Chairman of Shein Latin America.

In a press conference they shared that the pilot program in Mexico began in January, and it is in June that the official launch is made.

With the marketplace, the firm broadens categories, in addition to clothing, in the mobile application and on the site, you can see the offer of household appliances, electronics, beauty, personal care and even home with products such as Zote soap.

Claure noted that marketplace participants also have immediate access to AcceleraSHEIN, the global vendor training program.

They revealed that some sellers who entered the pilot marketplace program in Mexico, and received the training, reported weekly increases of 50 percent of their sales and even doubled when there were special promotions.

Shein Made in Mexico?

During the marketplace consolidation process, the company analyzes alliances to manufacture in Mexico.

“The third business evolution is local production, and we do that to be close to consumers, because Shein’s main differential is that it has the ability to design, produce and sell a product in less than 7 days (…) Where we are evaluating the competitive advantages is in Mexico, we have not made any final decision,” said the manager.

He pointed out that if the decision was made, it would first be to attend to Mexico, and then to other countries.

On the continent of America, the company began to manufacture madly in Brazil to serve the country of Rio de Janeiro and the South American region. In the first month and a half alone, it reached an agreement with 150 textile companies.

“Mexico has a competitive advantage, with a fairly advanced textile industry, so we are seeing it,” concluded Claure.

Source: El Financiero