The telephone company that surpasses Telcel and Movistar: gives 20 GB of Internet for recharging 100 pesos


Today, cell phones work like a pocket computer, one of its most important and used functions being the internet connection, either via WiFi or mobile data.
However, not all the time we can be connected to a WiFi network, hence the importance of internet packages, calls and messages offered by telephone companies, and we will tell you immediately which of those that offer their services in Mexico give you 20 GB of internet for only 100 pesos.
Thanks to the fact that the telecommunications, internet and telephony market has opened up exponentially in recent years, today users have benefited from plans and packages for all budgets.
Although it is true that companies such as Telcel, Movistar and AT&T dominate the segment, it should not be forgotten that there are other brands that also offer good packages that include, in addition to unlimited calls and messages, internet and social networks.
Thus, according to the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), the telephone company that has the best recharge of 100 pesos in Mexico, comparing the price with what it gives to the client, is CFE Internet.
And it is that the telephone company of the Mexican State, for 100 pesos, offers 20 GB of internet, a thousand minutes of calls and 50 text messages, being the most complete package of 100 pesos.
However, it must be borne in mind that, at the moment, the CFE Internet chip cannot be obtained everywhere, since, precisely, the purpose of this telephone company is to provide mobile telephone service in Mexican towns that lack these services.
Meanwhile, CFE Internet is not the only telephone company that offers one of the best 100-peso packages in Mexico, but also Bait, OMV of Walmart, which provides 20 GB of internet, coupled with a thousand minutes of calls and 500 messages, with a validity of 15 days, being quite similar to that of the Mexican corporate, although having the advantage of not being so territorially limited. However, 10 GB is consumed at high speed and the other 10 at low speed.
What is CFE Internet?
CFE Telecommunications and Internet for All (CFE TEIT) was an initiative that sought to provide non-profit telecommunications and Internet access services. Its objective is to guarantee the right of people to information and communication technologies, including broadband and the Internet, as well as to provide technological goods and services related to the development and support of computer and telecommunications systems.
The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) carried out the ‘Internet for the Bienetar’ program, which had broad national coverage, reaching 91.9% of the territory and using its own 4.5G technology in 72.6% of its infrastructure.
During its implementation, the integration of the population to Internet and mobile phone technologies was sought, in order to promote financial inclusion and bring Social Welfare programs directly to the beneficiaries.

The objective is to provide Internet access mainly to people in areas with connectivity difficulties, although it also has tens of thousands of Internet connection points in urban areas.
In addition, it also offers connection service to cell phones with competitive prices compared to the main MVNOs in the Mexican market.
Source: Debate