Growing Hobbies in Mexico


Having hobbies is important, they enhance our quality of life by reducing stress, increasing socialization, and improving our confidence and self-esteem. Finding hobbies that you enjoy and that fit into your lifestyle can be a matter of trial and error.

Some hobbies have seen significant growth in popularity in recent years as people follow trends and are encouraged by others. In Mexico, people often participate in activities that keep them entertained or help them to stay active, whether that be gaming sessions at a live casino or getting a sweat on playing sports.

Here are some of the top hobbies that people enjoy in Mexico:


People of all ages love gaming in Mexico. There are 76 million video game players in the country, meaning that more than 60 percent of the population identifies as gamers. One of the most popular genres is fighting games, including wrestling and battle royals, followed closely by racing games.

However, it is the mobile gaming sector that is seeing the fastest rate of growth in the country, and people in Mexico show a preference for action and adventure games on mobile, with casino games being popular too.

Some of the top played mobile games include Craft Shooter FPS Battles, Free Fire: 6th Anniversary, and Draw To Home: Brain Puzzle. Subway Surfer, a game that has seen success worldwide, is also thriving in the Mexican gaming market.

Pet ownership

Mexico is an extremely pet-friendly country, in fact, it is the second in the entire world for the most household pets. In this nation of animal lovers, more than 70 percent of households have at least one pet, with the most popular being dogs, followed by cats.

Dogs are very well treated by their human companions and research suggests that as people have more disposable income and fewer children than previous generations, pet parents have more time and money to spend on their canines.

The middle class is driving growth in the luxury pet services and products market. A growing number of dog owners are opting for spa treatments and gourmet dog restaurants, they are also purchasing luxury clothing items and accessories specifically made for pampered pooches.

Treating pets is an enjoyable hobby for many, taking them to the park, celebrating birthdays and trips to the groomers are all popular activities for pet owners in Mexico. Making your pet happy also gives you a sense of joy and satisfaction.


Dancing is an important part of Mexico’s culture and national identity. Two of the most famous dances in the country include Jarabe Tapatío and Danza del Venado.

Mexican folk dancing has evolved over the last five centuries, the dances are very influenced by historical events and a mix of cultures. Jarabe Tapatío is also known as the Mexican Hat Dance, it originated in Guadalajara and represents a man trying to get the attention of a woman.

Traditionally, to perform this dance women wear a fringed blouse and long colorful skirt. Men tend to dress in charros and sombreros. You will see dancing taking place all year round, particularly during holidays, festivals, and special occasions.


There are many opportunities to play outdoor sports in Mexico and football or soccer are very popular choices, 58 percent of the population expresses an interest in this sport. Not only does playing the sport help to keep both children and adults fit and healthy, but it also brings communities together.

Hugo Sanchez Marquez is considered to be one of the greatest Mexican footballers of all time and serves as an inspiration for many young people new to the sport. Football and soccer continue to be popular as they are accessible games to play, requiring only a ball and a team to play with.

Watching movies

Lastly, watching movies is a favorite pastime for many. Either visiting the cinema with friends or watching movies on television at home with the family is a great source of entertainment.

Action movies are the top movie genre in Mexico, followed by comedy and horror movies. As people spend more time seeking entertainment at home, streaming services are allowing them to access a wider selection of movies and television show titles than ever before.

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