Unmissable Mexico Themed Digital Games


Currently worth over $180 billion and pulling in global audiences in excess of 3 billion, gaming is now a mainstream global entertainment industry. Naturally, the evolution of gaming has meant that there are a ton of different experiences on offer, all of which have the power to transport players to incredible worlds. Sometimes, however, real-life locations can prove to be the inspiration needed for a compelling game, and developers throughout the history of modern gaming have often turned to Mexico. 

Like the movie industry, there’s no shortage of games that are either set in Mexico or take inspiration from Mexican culture. From the untamed plains of the Wild West to ancient Mayan ruins, historical and cultural high points have been transformed into virtual gaming experiences. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at unmissable Mexican and Mexican-themed video games, as well as a couple of hidden gems that you may not have come across before. 

Top Tier Titles 

Red Dead Redemption

Developed by Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption is an open-world action-adventure game set against the backdrop of the American Wild West. While the majority of the game takes place in the United States, Mexico plays a pivotal role in the story, offering players a unique and immersive experience – particularly in the Undead Nightmare expansion.

Red Dead Redemption was lauded during its 2010 release for showcasing the power of modern gaming tech through breathtaking graphics and seamless gameplay. The vast, detailed landscapes of Mexico, as depicted in the game, from scorching deserts to bustling towns, are rendered with meticulous attention to detail, creating an authentic and immersive experience. The game’s advanced physics engine enables realistic interactions with the environment, allowing characters to feel the heat of the sun, the dust on their boots, and the weight of their weapons. 

With its combination of stunning visuals and immersive gameplay mechanics, Red Dead Redemption is a must-play for any tech-savvy gamer.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Crystal Dynamics’ Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light take the iconic Tomb Raider on a thrilling journey through the ancient Mayan ruins. Like RDR, the Guardian of Light isn’t set in Mexico per se, but it does draw heavily from Mexican and Mayan mythology, creating a captivating and culturally rich gaming experience. 

Thanks to its advanced gameplay mechanics, gamers can either play solo or team up with a friend for seamless co-op play, combining the skills of Lara Croft and her partner to solve intricate puzzles and overcome treacherous obstacles. The game’s use of advanced lighting effects, dynamic environments, and physics-based puzzles create a visually stunning and immersive experience that keeps players engaged from start to finish.

Unknown Gems

Aztec Explorer Classic

Online slot games are now a core part of the gaming industry, and platforms like PokerStars Casino are some of the best places to enjoy reputable, real-money slot games. One title in its range of 200+ games is Aztec Explorer Classic, a thrilling online slot set in the ancient Aztec civilization. 

Aztec Explorer Classic features stunning graphics and smooth gameplay that capture the essence of Mexico’s rich history. The symbols and imagery draw inspiration from Aztec art and mythology, transporting players to a world of ancient temples and untold treasures. The game’s advanced algorithms ensure fair gameplay, while the immersive sound design adds an extra layer of excitement. 

Desperados III

This real-time tactics game is the third installment of a forgotten franchise. While it’s not a game that most players will have come across, it nevertheless provides an intriguing mixture of strategy gaming and quest-based tasks, giving players plenty of options to complete their missions. 

Desperados III takes place in the Wild West of the 1870s, and its locations include Mexico, Louisiana, and Colorado. Players are able to choose between five playable characters who possess unique talents. 

MayaQuest: The Mystery Trail

This old-school video game may not be able to hold its own against the cutting-edge titles being released in 2023, but it’s still an enjoyable romp through Mexico and Central America. One of the few video games to be inspired by a real-life expedition, MayaQuest is based on Dan Buettner’s famous research trip. 

In the game, players can travel by bicycle across the Yucatan Peninsula, where they’re tasked with picking up clues to solve the mystery of the Mayan Collapse.

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