YouTube suspends government account that broadcasts AMLO’s “Mañaneras”


Jesús Ramírez Cuevas reported the suspension of one of the accounts where the public activities of the president are disseminated.

This announcement was made by the spokesman for the presidency, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas. Through his Twitter account, the general coordinator of social communication explained that it is the official profile of the Center for the Production of Informative and Special Programs ( Cepropie ) that was removed from the platform.

As well as the accounts of the Government of Mexico and López Obrador, Cepropie serves as a channel to document the public activities of the Head of the Federal Executive with audiovisual material for dissemination in the electronic media.

Ramírez assured that the suspension was carried out ” without apparent justification “. Therefore, he urged the platform to “respect the official accounts” that facilitate the transmission of López Obrador’s traditional mañaneras.

The spokesman for the Presidency elaborated on the actions of YouTube in a brief meeting with the press after the morning of May 31.

“What alarmed us is that it was pointed out that Cepropie is violating the platform’s internal rules,” the official explained in regard to suspending the Government Center account. However, he indicated that the claim would be falling into an ” inadvertent censorship strategy .”

The spokesperson reported that they are already in dialogue with Google to clarify the reasons. In this sense, he added that the transmission of the morning conference on May 30 was also revoked due to alleged copyright claims.

“ There is nothing but the president’s opinions and original material. There is nothing that someone can allege that they have rights to those images, ”he commented and denied knowing the party that would have alleged the alleged rights. “We know that at other times there have been individual accounts or non-governmental organizations, even the media,” Ramírez continued.

The Cepropie case occurred shortly after the official channels of the current administration withdrew the morning conference on May 24 in compliance with a precautionary measure issued by the National Electoral Institute ( INE ).

The transmission and its shortened version were no longer available after the electoral body validated that they implied a potential “risk to the principles of equity and impartiality” of the 2023 elections in the State of Mexico (Edomex). This, he pointed out, is for addressing issues related to various social programs.

In addition to the morning of May 24, the Government also concealed the conferences of May 9 and 11 in which the president elaborated on his intention to reform the Judiciary; which was branded as alleged coercion of the vote by the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), National Action (PAN) and the deputies Jorge Álvarez Máynez and Federico Döring Casar.

The latter even when the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary ( TEPJF ) ruled that the appeal filed by the parties to eliminate them was inadmissible, considering that the declaration did not affect the 2023 electoral processes.


The Mexico City Post