Germany is looking for Mexicans to work; offer 30 thousand pesos and you do not need speak the language


If your dream is to work abroad, here is a great opportunity to travel to Germany and enjoy its culture.

There is good news for those looking for a job and the best thing is that it is not in the country, so all those who want a change of scenery, this may be the best opportunity to start over and what better way to do it with a salary that helps, in good shape, to cover all expenses.

Germany is the country that is looking for Mexicans to go to their country and make them part of their workforce. The best thing is that you will not need to speak German, so you have nothing to worry about if you do not speak the language, so it can be a great option for you if you are looking for a new experience in your life.

In addition, one of the best parts is the salary, since the salary goes up to 30,000 pesos a month, which is much more than the average of what is earned in Mexico, which can be just over 7,000. or 8 thousand pesos in general terms.

What we must clarify is that these jobs go to a very specific sector, and you need to meet certain requirements, but here we leave you everything you need to know to see if you are one of those who can apply and change your destiny.

Requirements for the job vacancy in Germany

The vacancy launched by the German government is for nursing graduates, who must work in four different hospitals and in some clinics in the European country. The requirements they ask for are the following, although it is important to emphasize that the language is not necessary, but you do need to learn it, since they will give you face-to-face classes in this recruitment program.

That the candidates have the academic level of bachelor’s degree

Have a degree in general nursing

Have knowledge in medicine and laboratories

Management of healing material and medication

Management of computer equipment

How do I apply for the vacancy?

Applying is very simple, and you must send a series of documents to the embassy:

Birth certificate

Proof of address

Marriage certificate or proof of cohabitation, if there is a commitment

Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)

Updated Curriculum Vitae

Title and professional license

The vacancy specifies that the hospitals where those who are selected will work are at the Bonn University Hospital (UKB), Leverkusen Clinic, Schönberg Children’s Hospital and the Black Forest Psychiatric Clinic.

Source: Escapada