Residents of Chiapas flee from the narco


Dozens of families from the Chiapas municipality were forced to flee before the siege of drug traffickers on the border with Guatemala.

From yesterday afternoon until this morning, residents of the Ejido Candelaria and Lajerío, in the Frontera Comalapa Municipality, near Guatemala, have been leaving their homes due to clashes by organized crime and for fear that young people will be recruited.

In the Ejido Candelaria, located 40 minutes from the municipal seat, where at least 500 people live and those who have had to flee have been women, boys and girls, mainly.

They have managed to take a bag or a backpack, according to a video that was broadcast yesterday on social networks.

An inhabitant, who asked not to be named, said that since Monday, people have not left their homes because they heard gunshots, until fear scared them away and they fled.

In Lajerío, with almost 2,000 inhabitants, some families made the decision to escape this morning because it is said that there will be a confrontation between drug cartels in the town.

On Wednesday afternoon, an armed group set fire to two vehicles on the road near this town.

“People left out of fear, there are threats that they will come to the houses to forcefully recruit, we do not know how true it is, and we are not sure that they have already taken someone,” said the resident.

Clashes and blockades have been registered since Monday not only in Ejido Candelaria, Lajerío, but also in San Gregorio Chamic and Nueva Libertad.

On Tuesday, in the Candelaria ejido, a 15-year-old boy received a bullet wound while a shootout broke out in the surroundings.

On Wednesday, in the Mazapa de Madero Municipality, a group that claimed to be from Sinaloa accused the El Maíz organization of being the “four letters (CJNG)” drug traffickers after setting a truck on fire.

Some people said on social networks that in the municipal seat of Frontera Comalapa “it looks like a ghost town”, because nobody leaves their houses, the business has closed, classes have been suspended, there is no patrol by any authority, much less from the National Guard.

Source: Reforma