The decision to occupy Ferrosur railroads was because Grupo México wanted to get pay 9,500 million pesos: AMLO


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador justified this Monday the occupation by the Navy of three railway sections concessioned to Grupo México – and operated by Ferrosur – by pointing out that Germán Larrea’s company wanted the government to pay 9.5 billion pesos.

These are the sections of lines Z, ZA and FA that run from Medias Aguas to Coatzacoalcos, from Hibueras to Minatitlán and from El Chapo to Coatzacoalcos, respectively.

In a press conference from the National Palace, the head of the federal Executive explained that his government intended to recover the concession of the railway section that goes from Coatzacoalcos to Medias Aguas since the construction of the Interoceanic Corridor and the Mayan Train, the mobilization of cargo and passengers became imperative.

“They allowed themselves to be advised by lawyers or expert advisers who give bad advice and come with a proposal that they wanted us to pay them 9.5 billion pesos, because that is no longer possible, not even at a fair price, but rather an abuse,” said the federal president in press conference.

On Friday, López Obrador signed a decree so that, through the Secretary of the Navy, the railway sections of Ferrosur were declared of public utility in favor of Ferrocarril del Istmo de Tehuantepec, S.A. de C.V.

In a report on the facts, the President of the Republic indicated that for months they had negotiated with Grupo México to return the concession of the railway to the State, however, the company only granted the government the right of way for said sections.

He commented that during the dialogue with the firm it was argued that due to the changes in the world in economic matters, it was imperative for the government to ensure this strategic area and in exchange Grupo México was offered the right of way through the railway sections.

“We are going to reach an agreement, we were already moving forward but (there were requests) impassable leaving us the right of way as the only option, no, it is that we are in a strategic area and you will understand how the world is, why we have to take care of this that historically has been preserved, let’s say, with neutrality.”

“Well, the matter came to that they no longer answered the phone to the Secretary of the Interior, that is wrong because before it was different, before there was a collusion, a close relationship between economic power and political power. They fed each other, they nourished each other, the truth was that they had taken over the government; the government was a committee at the service of a minority, there was no democracy, ”he maintained.

Grupo México Transportes reported that it is analyzing the measures it will take in light of the occupation of the railway, while it will resume dialogue with the federal government over the stretch in dispute.

“Negotiations are still ongoing to address the government’s concerns, without GMXT breaching its fiduciary obligations to its shareholders or affecting its clients and employees. Currently the negotiation faces a difficult circumstance due to the publication of the occupation decree and the intervention of armed personnel in its facilities,” Grupo México Transportes said in a statement.

In this regard, López Obrador said that this decision is not a personal lawsuit with Germán Larrea and, on the contrary, he assured that he hopes that an agreement can be reached in the negotiations that will safeguard the public interest.

Source: Forbes