Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción (MCCI) reveals luxury apartment of General Luis Cresencio Sandoval in the residential area of Huixquilucan, in the State of Mexico



The shareholder of a SEDENA supplier company, which last year received a contract of 319 million pesos, sold General Cresencio Sandoval an apartment in the exclusive Bosque Real subdivision, in Huixquilucan; The Secretary of Defense reported that the value of the acquisition was 9 million pesos, but other properties with similar characteristics are valued up to triple in the same subdivision.

The head of SEDENA reported to the Ministry of Public Function (SFP) that the acquisition value of the department was 9 million pesos, although MCCI confirmed that properties of similar dimensions and characteristics in the same subdivision are valued at up to 30 million pesos, an amount equivalent to 1.5 million dollars.

In the patrimonial declaration that General Sandoval made public in May 2022, he decided not to report on the acquisition of the apartment.

However, MCCI obtained a copy of the complete statement delivered to the Public Function, which details that on February 17, 2020, a natural person named Alejandra Aguilar Solórzano transferred ownership of a 407-square-meter apartment on the fourth floor of a building located on Boulevard Bosque Real, in the subdivision of the same name.

MCCI verified that the person who sold the apartment is a shareholder of “Protective Materials Technology SA de CV”, which is a supplier to SEDENA in the current federal administration.

In the deed registered before the Institute of the Registry Function of the State of Mexico (IFREM), in which the details of the property purchase-sale operation are detailed, Aguilar Solórzano reported the same address as in the constitutive act of the company, in the Hacienda de Valle Escondido subdivision, in Edomex.

The company has as partners Alejandra Aguilar Solórzano and her sister Elisa, each with 50% of the shares. Both are the daughters of a retired military man, who has served as a proxy for the company.

Constitutive act “Protective Materials Technology”, in which Alejandra Aguilar Solórzano appears as a shareholder, sold the apartment to General Sandoval.

Even Alejandra, the apartment salesperson, appears as the legal representative of the contracting company in letters addressed to SEDENA.

Letter addressed to SEDENA in which Alejandra Aguilar Solórzano signs on behalf of the company Protective Materials Technology.

On February 10, 2022, the company obtained a contract from SEDENA for 319 million 430 thousand pesos for the supply of 48 thousand sets of ballistic plates.

The incapacity of the company was revealed when it turned out badly for SEDENA.

The contract had scheduled the delivery of the ballistic plates for June 10, 2022, but the company failed to comply.

Given this, it was decided to terminate the contract, but this procedure was canceled by the director of SEDENA clothing and equipment factories, General Jorge Ambía Minero, according to the documents compiled by MCCI.

In a letter sent on July 6, 2022, General Ambía notified the company’s legal representative that he had decided to “grant it a waiting period to rectify the breach.”

In his asset statement, Sandoval reported that the value of the acquisition of his apartment in Bosque Real was 9 million pesos, and that he bought it with a mortgage loan granted in February 2020 by the National Army Bank.

As of May 2022, Sandoval had already paid most of the original credit of 9 million pesos and his balance was 3,874,000 pesos.

The acquisition value of the apartment, reported by Sandoval, contrasts with other properties with identical characteristics in Bosque Real.

This apartment has 3 bedrooms with bathroom, panoramic views in the rooms, a spacious living room, equipped kitchen, terrace with a view of the golf course, direct elevator to the floor, office and game room that can be converted into a movie theater. The building in which it is located has an indoor pool, gym, racquetball court and gardens.

Other apartments with similar characteristics, also in Bosque Real, are quoted at up to 30 million pesos, which is equivalent to 1.5 million dollars. MCCI visited an apartment that is offered at that price, located in a tower next to the one the general lives in, which has three bedrooms, three multipurpose rooms and a large room with overview of the residential complex built on 600 hectares, characterized by its large green areas.

From military to supplier… the family business

Alejandra Aguilar Solórzano (who sold the apartment to Sandoval) and her sister Elisa Aguilar are the partners of Protective Materials Technology (also known as Promatech), a company created in March 2001 in Mexico City, according to its articles of incorporation in MCCI power.

Both are the daughters of Alfredo Aguilar Amezcua, a retired military man who, according to a search on the National Transparency Platform (PNT), receives a pension of around 20,000 pesos a month from the Social Security Institute for the Mexican Armed Forces (ISSFAM)). Despite the low profile that the military tends to manage, Aguilar Amezcua has served as president of the Coalition of Settlers of the Emerald Zone, made up of 16 subdivisions considered to be the most valuable in the State of Mexico, on the border with the north-west of Mexico City.

In documents of public bidding procedures with different governments, such as one in 2019 with Mexico City, for the purchase of ballistic vests, Aguilar Amezcua appears and signs as a representative of the company.

The ex-soldier has also held office as general director of Promatech, the contractor company, according to communications with SEDENA consulted by MCCI, where they even address him with his rank in the Army and in which he uses an email that corresponds to the domain of the company.

From a search for the birth certificate of Alejandra Aguilar Solórzano, on the federal government website, it was confirmed with the document that she is the daughter of the former soldier Alfredo Aguilar, in addition to the fact that her date of birth coincides with the one reported in the registry of the company.

The ex-military’s wife is a shareholder of another company created in 1988 in Villahermosa, Tabasco, under the name of Macoisa del Sureste.

In a 1995 act where they name a proxy for this company, the former soldier Aguilar Amezcua appears as a representative of Macoisa and reports the same address in the State of Mexico that his daughters Alejandra and Elisa registered in the Promatech charter.

Even, in a presentation about Promatech, Maintenance and Industrial Marketing (Macoisa) is pointed out as its precursor, which would have gone from the alarm business to that of the security team and recognizes Aguilar Amezcua as its owner and founder. In 2001, Macoisa was a supplier of bulletproof vests for the SSP in Mexico City during the AMLO government and was also a supplier for patrol armor for the Federal Preventive Police (PFP) during the administration of Alejandro Gertz Manero.

In addition to the contract with SEDENA, in the current Administration, Protective Materials Technology has received another seven contracts with the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) between 2019 and 2022, totaling 157 million pesos, according to a search on the Compranet platform.

Luxury apartment

General Sandoval’s spacious apartment is in a luxurious and private development in the exclusive subdivision of Bosque Real, in Huixquilucan, made up of four seven-story towers, including a penthouse and a ground floor with a lobby.

According to the official information of the property in the name of General Sandoval, obtained through the Institute of the Registry Function of the State of Mexico, the property acquired in the subdivision of Bosque Real has an area of 407.2 square meters and has a terrace of 53.7 square meters.

The apartment, which is in one of the four towers of an exclusive complex located on Bosque Real Boulevard, also has four parking spaces and a warehouse, as detailed in the registration documents.

MCCI toured a property for sale with the same characteristics and dimensions, in an adjoining tower in the same housing complex, where an elevator leads directly into the apartment.

The property, with a construction of 407 square meters, has three bedrooms with bathroom and closet, and three other rooms that can be used as a study, library, movie theater or games area, as well as a huge room with large windows.

The bedroom The main one has a huge dressing room with double sinks and floating mirrors, two bathrooms, shower and tub. And the kitchen is equipped and has an elegant central island and wood finishes, a material that also stands out on the floors and walls of the property.

But without a doubt, what attracts the most attention, in addition to the spaciousness of its spaces and finishes, is a terrace, with access from the room and the main bedroom, which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the area and the golf course of Royal Forest.

The apartment also has four parking spaces and a storage room. And the development has amenities such as a clubhouse, indoor pool, gym, and racquetball area, among others.

To get to the property that Sandoval acquired at a bargain price, you must go through two security filters, first when entering through one of the accesses to the Bosque Real subdivision and later to enter the set of towers where it is located.

This privileged area, in Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, houses residential buildings with luxurious apartments with amenities, some newly created, where properties with similar characteristics can reach 30 million pesos, according to real estate agents consulted.

Through the Social Communication area of the Defense, MCCI requested a position from General Luis Cresencio Sandoval, regarding the purchase process of his apartment in Bosque Real and about the knowledge and contact with the seller.

The receipt of the request, sent to the area’s institutional mail, was confirmed by Lieutenant Colonel Jesús Rigoberto Domínguez Dibene, Press Officer, but there was no response to the questions raised.

Source: Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity