Health authorities apply more than 100 thousand doses of rabies vaccine in Durango


The vaccine is applied once a year and is completely free, reported the person in charge of the Anti-Rabies Vaccination Program of the State Health Secretariat.

More than 100,000 dogs have been vaccinated against rabies throughout the state of Durango, as part of the annual campaign, reported Edgar Urbina Torres, in charge of the Rabies Vaccination Program of the State Health Secretariat.

He stressed that there is a vaccination goal of 270,000 doses throughout the year, April and May are an intense campaign through loudspeakers and there will be a reach of the entire state, colony by colony, and for all communities.

He said that the response of the citizens has been very good, people are approaching the loudspeaker trucks practically where they go, it has even been possible to vaccinate some dogs that although they do not have an owner, are recognized as the ones that roam some colonies.

With street animals, it is difficult, because there is no one to give a vaccination certificate to, and it is not known what disease they may have, but everyone who comes to shelters is vaccinated.

Edgar Urbina Torres stressed that the vaccine is for one year and is free, so each year there will be a similar goal, they are doses of the highest quality.

Although there will be an intense campaign, there will be enough doses in all health centers, as far as all those who wish to vaccinate their pets against rabies can go, he added.

Source: OEM

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