Influence of Language and Cultural Differences on Writing Education in Mexico


Writing education in Mexico has always been related to cultural differences and traditions because of the transnational families and the ESL learners who literally appear between two different cultures. While it poses certain challenges for migration families, most English teachers born in Mexico also find it hard not to teach through the lens of the local peculiarities. Since many students tend to combine European or US-based cultures through their Spanish language studies, it creates a specific instruction style where all of these cultural points have to be observed. While it’s not always a bad thing, it still creates a cultural gap and even places certain students in a different social group. 

The Influence of Language and Cultural Differences on Writing Education in Mexico 

– Cultural Origins. 

One of the most important influences of language is related to the cultural origin of the learner. Since one may talk about a person born in Mexico who grew up speaking Spanish in a rural area, there will be major differences. Now, if we choose a learner coming from the United States who has a Mexican parent, the cultural and writing styles will most likely be linked to a private or bilingual school. This way, students coming from poor and underprivileged families may not know where to find additional writing education or help. Checking GrabMyEssay for English studies and editing might be helpful as it’s available online and can be accessed even by those with limited English writing skills. 

– Cooperation and Joint Projects. 

The majority of joint projects in Mexico will use Spanish as the primary language. It will have a major influence and involve a cultural immersion for most exchange and bilingual speakers. It is also one of the best ways to address writing education challenges, especially when learning Spanish and preserving the local traditions. When oral communication takes place, and students feel inspired, it helps to connect on a deeper emotional level. 

– Teaching Styles and School Systems. 

Quite a lot will depend on the teaching styles and the presence of English as a second language. The major aspect will involve the original training of the Mexican teachers, which will involve the cultural peculiarities and oral explanations as the academic subjects are being mastered. Depending on the background of the teachers, the share of the cultural points will differ. 

– Family Traditions Matters. 

The creation of cultural differences is not limited by the use of the school curriculum or the system of education taking place. It all comes down to various family traditions and household rules. It also involves the culture of writing and reading! Since most village learners will spend more time outside, writing will be limited to school tasks. Likewise, major cities will involve social media communications and blogging, which will influence writing education and training as well. Checking the best essay writing service review might be helpful to achieve a special balance as students of all social backgrounds and origins can receive proper writing assistance. It will help to address the cultural points as well! 

Writing Education and English 

Learning English and mastering the art of writing has always been an important part of life for Mexican upper and middle classes. It is directly linked to available economic resources as the writing culture is mostly addressed in private or bilingual schools where the level of English immersion is usually much higher. Nevertheless, it also involves students that come from US-based families, which is why traditional Mexican culture is often skipped or provided in a slightly distorted or American way. Public schools, on the other hand, have a very limited focus on English writing studies as teachers focus on vocabulary and simple phrases. If one takes a look at Spanish studies, the situation is totally different as the writing culture becomes connected to the local traditions and a more complex curriculum. 


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