Three Argentine tourists hospitalized after being attacked with machetes in Chacahua, Oaxaca


Three Argentine citizens were seriously injured after being attacked on Friday afternoon off the coast of Oaxaca.

According to the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection of Tututepec, two men and a woman were attacked by a young man with a machete in the Chacahua Lagoons, one of the most important tourist destinations in the region.

After the brutal attack, one of the foreigners was injured in the head, while the others had injuries to their hands and arms. However, so far the reason for the attack is unknown.

Shocking images showing a man lying in the sand with serious head injuries went viral through social networks.

Macarena "N", 29 years old;  Benjamin "N", 23 years old;  and Santiago "N", 22 years old, were attacked (Photo: Twitter / azucenau)

Macarena “N”, 29 years old; Benjamin “N”, 23 years old; and Santiago “N”, 22 years old, were attacked (Photo: Twitter / azucenau)

“Esdeque (sic)… Those are the uses and customs of the communities”, “The good people, they say”, “And then we complain that they put travel alerts on us”, and “Visit Mexico?”, read between the reactions.

The locals immediately offered them help and took them aboard a boat to the dry dock in the town of El Zapotalito.

Subsequently, on board two ambulances, paramedics from the Municipal Civil Protection transferred the injured to a hospital in Puerto Escondido, since they had injuries, one of them serious.

There the victims were identified as Macarena González, 29 years old; Benjamin Gamond, 23; and Santiago Lastra, 22 years old, all three from Cordoba.

At the scene of the events, the municipal police detained the attacker, who was identified by the name of 21-year-old Cruz Irving, originally from the municipality of Ometepec, Guerrero, who was turned over to the corresponding authority.

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Until 11:00 p.m. on May 12, neither of the two embassies has ruled on the matter.

(Photo: Government of Mexico)(Photo: Government of Mexico)

The Chacahua Lagoons are one of the most representative natural protected areas of the Oaxaca coast, which includes the Chacahua Bay and Lagoon and the Tianguisto and Pastoría lagoons. They were decreed as a National Park on July 9, 1937.

They were declared a Ramsar site in February 2008, as they were on the List of Wetlands of International Importance.

It is the habitat of three species of sea turtles: Laud, Carey and Golfina, which nest on the beaches of San Juan and Bahía de Chacahua.

The mangrove swamp and the lagoons are impressive. Afro-Mexican communities live here and it is a refuge for backpackers from all over the world.


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