How much does a CEO earn in Mexico? Know the average salary

The president and CEO of GM holds a meeting with Secretary Buenrostro in which they discussed the company's plans and its job creation goals. Photo taken from the Economy Secretariat Twitter account

A CEO is the one who occupies the most relevant position within a company; he or she is the one who governs and preaches the purpose, mission and vision of the company.

A CEO means Chief Executive Officer and it is a concept used in large Anglo-Saxon multinationals and which, in recent years, has boomed within our country. The CEO of a company is the top executive of an organization, he is in charge of designing and applying strategies to achieve the objectives. He directs and guides others so that they can carry out their various functions.

When speaking of a CEO, reference is made to a senior manager who has great responsibility within a company. The general vision of him in this company allows him to accurately and precisely determine the vision, purpose and mission of said organization, factors that guide him in his daily activities within the corporate world.

What is the monthly salary of a CEO in Mexico?

The average salary of the professional who performs the position of Chief Executive Officer depends on the company for which he works and its size. However, the approximate salary starts at 75,000 pesos on average, according to the Glassdoor portal.

His net earnings can also vary due to the annual turnover of the company he runs, the experience of this ‘leader’ and the postgraduate studies he has. In this sense, the salary of a CEO of a company with a turnover of less than 50 million dollars per year, is between 224.00 and 286.99 pesos per month.

The salary of the CEO of a firm with a turnover of more than 50 million dollars per year is between 50 million and 150 million dollars in Mexico, for which he would receive approximately between 286,000 and 287,000 pesos per month, according to a study carried out by Paige Group.

Meanwhile, companies whose annual turnover is around 150 million and 250 million, pay their CEO between 382,000 and 543,000 pesos per month; those with a turnover greater than 250 million dollars per year, would grant between 506,000 and 790,000 pesos per month to their Chief Executive Officer.

All these amounts omit the bonuses and benefits that each company offers, so they could even triple their income. What would you do with a salary of one million pesos a month?

What are the functions of a CEO?

Maintain relationships with investors and shareholders.

Identify and set priorities according to the period.

Determine the global strategies of the company in areas such as IT, HR or Business.

Seek that everything is aligned with the business.

A CEO is the one who occupies the most relevant position within a company, it is common for him to be the founder of the same, he establishes the strategies taking into account the current and future context, this means that he is attentive to the budget and investments.

He is the one who governs and preaches the purpose, mission and vision. In addition to being responsible for providing the necessary resources, whether financial, human, physical or intangible for the company to survive.

Source: Alto Nivel