Mexican weightlifter Aremi Fuentes, medalist in Tokyo, is preparing on her way to Paris 2024

Aremi Fuentes (Photo: ESTO)

With renewed energy and a good mood, the athlete from Mexico, Aremi Fuentes, is still active, preparing to face the commitments that will allow her to meet her goal of reaching the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

After completing about five months of her knee operation, the bronze medalist in Tokyo 2020 said she was happy to complete her rehabilitation in the best possible way in search of a position for the Olympic tournament.

“The truth is that I feel very good and I am grateful to my entire team, now I need to make all that effort count and not go back on my way to Paris 2024,” Aremi Fuentes stated.

The 29-year-old weightlifter plans to compete again in the next Grand Prix to be held in Havana, Cuba, between June 2 and 12.

“I have very exact skills and it is a crucial moment for me, my coach has been in charge of analyzing the skills that allow me to add the necessary points,” said Fuentes.


Despite her improvement, Aremi will not go into this competition with her mind set on breaking records, since for this new cycle, she only needs to qualify and attend three international weightlifting events.

“This next event I will take it easy, and in the others, I will do my best to break records, now I will compete according to what the doctors tell me so as not to ruin my recovery,” she said.

Now, Aremi works at 60% to 70% with her sights set on gradually recovering to the level that led her to win an Olympic medal that placed her in the history books of national sports.