Current Legal Status of Online Gambling in Mexico


Online gambling is different in Mexico compared to neighboring countries. The Federal Law of Games and Raffles regulates it, last updated in 2014. Most gambling activities are not allowed, but there are some exceptions. Some online gambling is allowed, like sports betting and certain casino games, but with restrictions.

Mexican players can access online casino games and sports betting options. Operators have rules and regulations to follow, but online casinos are not allowed to operate within Mexico. Mexican residents can play at international online casinos. The rules are strict for casino operators, but not for players. Casinos need proper legal authorization from authorities to operate in the country.

Strict Laws and Regulations for Online Casinos in Mexico

Gaming and gambling activities are subject to the federal government and relevant laws’ control, surveillance, and regulation. State or local laws don’t control gambling activities. There are some federal laws to control and regulate the tax issues of these businesses. If a casino wants to offer its services to the local player, the company must get a valid license from the authorities.

Different states have rules for gambling service providers. Players are advised to check the local laws and regulations to know the status of various forms of gambling. Not following the legal requirements might get you in trouble in Mexico. If you find a regulated casino, make sure to choose the one with free spin bez depozytu, as you need to minimize the risk by using the available promotions and rewards.

History of Gambling in Mexico

Gambling has been a part of Mexico’s culture since ancient times. Aztecs played games like patolli and ullamaliztli. When the Spanish came in the 16th century, they brought their own games like cards and dice. The Mexican government banned gambling in the 19th century.

Gambling was declared prohibited by reformist Lazaro Cardenas in 1935; he was also the president. This ruling was enshrined in the country’s Federal Games and Draws Law (Gaming Law) more than a decade later, in 1948. Most of the local casinos in the country were forced to shut down as a result of the Gaming Law; however, some remained open as an addition to various hotels. Here are some other popular industries in the country that are generating huge revenues:

  • Automotive industry
  • Telecommunications industry
  • Energy industry
  • Tourism industry
  • Retail industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Construction industry

Throughout the late twentieth century, there was a constant debate in Mexico about the gambling statute. Most advocates of legalized gambling are typical representatives of the tourism and hotel industries, as well as certain business-minded government officials.

Why is Gambling not allowed in some countries?

Gambling is a fun activity that many people like to do, but some countries have strict rules about it. Sports and betting have had a long-standing link. Nonetheless, the relationship between the two has eroded in several countries in modern times. You may be wondering why this is the case. Some countries around the world have discovered that it is beneficial to banish gambling. And they utterly disregard the fact that if the laws allow for the establishment of the best betting sites, the economy will benefit greatly from the additional tax value. 

Since the Internet’s emergence in the twenty-first century, online gambling has grown in popularity. Because of its widespread appeal and lack of control, the practice has become illegal in several countries.

Where can Mexicans Play Online Casino Games?

Just like players from other countries, there are legalized and licensed online casinos for Mexican players too. One thing must be clear, Mexican authorities prohibit business operations from within the country. If a casino operator is based in Malta or any other country, local players can easily join that casino. Still, the casino must be licensed and legal to offer the services in the country.

While joining the casino in Mexico, players need to analyze the common details that are important to every other player. Some of the most important details to check include:

  • Licensing and registration details
  • Customer support
  • Legal status to operate in your region
  • Game collection
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Licensing authority

Online Casinos welcome Players from Mexico

There are different popular casinos in Mexico that welcome players from different states. It means there are no restrictions for the local players at these casinos. They are fully licensed and legal to offer the services. Other than the casinos, there are different other options for players to choose from. Before joining any casino for real money games, it is better to make sure that your chosen casino is licensed.

Once you have listed the top casinos in your region, the next thing is to analyze that casino against the points that are mentioned above. The process will take some time, but it is worth focusing on little details. What are the general rules and regulations about winning from online casinos? The rules might be different in your state, so it is better to check with the relevant department for confirmation.

Final Words

Mexico is regarded as a Latin American country with a growing online gambling market. Local individuals, on the other hand, are barred from accessing the country’s gambling and betting websites online, which are typically focused on foreign high rollers. In the upcoming years, some major changes are expected regarding the legality of gambling in different states of the country.

The government has recently moved a step closer to implementing comprehensive gambling laws after the Mexican Congress voted “yes” on a gambling measure. After a contract was made between the Party of the Democratic Revolution and the National Action Party.

Players can also check our provided list of casinos if they want to get started with little or no deposits. There are unlimited entertainment options as per the taste of every player. Whether you are from Mexico or any other country, don’t forget the responsible gambling practices at online casinos. Stay away from gambling addiction, and don’t forget the fun part of playing casino games online.

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