Post-pandemic Tourism: Wellness Travel Trends That Are Here to Stay

Photo by Roberto Nickson | Unsplash

The pandemic changed lives in many ways, including the way people travel. The worst came when tourism came to a halt amid restrictions. According to statistics, the number of Americans traveling overseas dropped to 9.84 million in 2020 from a massive 44.81 in the previous year. But even as the numbers dropped, something big happened for the tourism industry in pandemic times.

Wellness tourism emerged as a winner, with the global market size reaching a whopping $801.6 billion in 2020. The concept was already around in pre-pandemic years. But the apprehension around the health crisis acted as a catalyst for it. Even as the situation improved, travelers still want to focus more on health, self-care, and safety.

With more options becoming affordable and accessible, self-care vacations are no longer only for the rich and the famous. If you want to pamper yourself with a luxurious break without breaking the bank, you can absolutely do it. Undoubtedly, wellness travel trends are here to stay. Here are the ones worth exploring in the post-pandemic era. 

Rejuvenation in the Spa Resorts of the Middle East

The Middle East is the dream destination for spa lovers who want to indulge in luxury treatments. A world from the beaten track, it has some of the best luxury resort spas. You can experience ultimate relaxation in opulent hammams, soak in nourishing Dead Sea baths, and enjoy indulgent treatments with natural, local ingredients. 

Israel is one of the most popular destinations for laid-back vacations. The spa and other wellness options present in Royal Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv are an example of the kind of rejuvenation you can expect in this part of the world.

According to the Isrotel hotel chain, indulging in spas is an ideal way to experience Israel. Tourists should focus on resting and relaxing in an accommodation offering a variety of body and beauty treatments according to their needs. Therapies like reiki and shiatsu are add-ons when it comes to a rejuvenating holiday in the Middle East. 

Dopamine Tours in Vibrant Mexico

Dopamine travel is another wellness tourism trend worth trying. It is about flying to colorful destinations with vibrant sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. These experiences enhance your happy hormones and give you a feeling of euphoria. Your brain loves the unexpected changes in scenery and responds to them by pumping happy hormones.

Mexico is the world’s favorite dopamine destination, with its sunny beaches, lovely locales, diverse culture, and sumptuous cuisine. Traveling to the country is a chance to stimulate your brain by exploring the hidden gems and mingling with the locals and other tourists. Besides Mexico, you can get a hefty dose of dopamine in India, Morocco, Portugal, and Indonesia. 

Slow and Sustainable Travel Across the Globe

Did you know that slow and sustainable travel is the next big thing in the tourism industry? Statistics show that 61% of travelers want to embrace a sustainable approach after the mindset shift caused by the pandemic. The slow travel mindset has also witnessed a significant spurt in popularity because people want to make the most of every moment.

Slow travel is about pausing at destinations to connect with local people, ecosystems, and cultures. The approach opens up authentic and sustainable experiences for tourism. It is a good option for digital nomads and people working remotely for the long haul.

Another benefit of traveling slowly is that it is easy on your pocket because you stay longer at one place instead of jetting to multiple destinations or chasing long itineraries. The best part is that you can travel “slow and sustainable” anywhere because it is more about the mindset rather than the destination.

Digital Detox at Off-Grid Vacations

Although digital technology was a savior in the pandemic times, people want a respite from being permanently connected. Imagine how easy life can be if you do not need to take work emails on holidays. You may even want an intentional break from the constant social media scrolling for a bit.

An off-grid vacation is the best way to enjoy a digital detox because it gives you a good excuse for being out of touch. Planning an outdoor trip in the middle of nowhere is an even better idea as it lets you relish the sunshine and fresh air, learn survival skills, and enjoy thrilling adventure activities. 

What Next

Wellness travel is not going anywhere; instead, it’s getting bigger and better in post-pandemic times. Not getting a taste of the experience is a big miss, so you must take your pick from these trends. Putting them all on your bucket list is an even better idea because you deserve your share of self-care.  

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