GAN Limited Launches Coolbet Sportsbook in Mexico


Since 2004, when Secretary of State Santiago Creel issued the first betting licenses, Mexico’s sports betting industry has been growing. The Mexican iGaming industry is already worth more than $500 million, and revenue from sports betting and new online casinos is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.9% between 2020 and 2026. Coolbet Sportsbook, launched by GAN Limited, represents an important milestone for the Mexican iGaming industry, as it signifies the debut of a major participant in the market.

Regulations Governing Gambling in Mexico

In Mexico, gambling is governed by the Federal Gaming and Raffles Law, and only licensed organizations are able to provide gambling services. The Ministry of Interior (SEGOB is responsible for supervising gambling operations and awarding licenses based on the type of gaming offered. The legal gambling age is 18, and gambling gains are not taxed in the state. Despite the regulatory structure in place, the industry is only partially controlled. Only regulated organizations are permitted to operate, and online gambling remains illegal.

Coolbet Sportsbook Entry to Mexico’s iGaming Market

GAN Limited teamed with a licensed Mexican partner in January 2023 to launch its main brand Coolbet in the Mexican iGaming business. Mexican gamers will have access to all of Coolbet’s products and services, including live and virtual sports betting as well as casino games tailored to their specific needs. GAN will be able to expand its footprint in the Mexican gaming market as a result of the collaboration. Mexican players will be able to participate in Coolbet’s loyalty program and will be subject to the same terms as the rest of Coolbet’s customers. Coolbet will provide bookmakers with a varied selection of betting alternatives as well as a customized local wagering menu, resulting in a premium experience.

Mexican iGaming Market Expansion Via Strategic Partnership

GAN Limited’s decision to launch Coolbet Sportsbook in Mexico in collaboration with a locally licensed operator was a smart move to expand into the expanding iGaming sector in the southern half of the North American regulated market. This collaboration represents a watershed moment in the partner’s iGaming offering, as GAN’s cutting-edge gaming technology has been integrated into the Mexican market, allowing the partner to provide a varied array of online casino games and sports betting alternatives.

GAN has been able to harness its own gaming technology and expertise in the iGaming sector through the agreement to produce a unique service that caters to the specific needs of the Mexican market. Coolbet Sportsbook has been able to provide Mexican players with a premium betting experience that includes access to a wide selection of betting options and a tailored local wagering menu as a result of the relationship.

Mexico’s iGaming Prospects

The iGaming industry in Mexico has been continuously expanding, and GAN Limited’s entry into the market highlights the sector’s potential for growth and expansion. With a population of over 130 million people, Mexico provides a sizable market for online gambling and sports betting. Furthermore, the country’s growing usage of digital technology and rising disposable income are driving factors in the iGaming industry’s growth.

GAN’s arrival into the market represents a huge step forward in the growth of Mexico’s iGaming industry since they bring with them cutting-edge gaming technologies and services. Coolbet Sportsbook’s launch will not only attract new players but will also deliver a more exciting and personalized experience for current players. Furthermore, working with a regulated Mexican company will help GAN increase its market reach while also promoting growth and development in the local iGaming industry.

Final Thoughts 

The iGaming market in Mexico is likely to expand dramatically in the next years, and GAN Limited’s entry into the market is a positive step for the industry. GAN has carefully positioned itself to develop into the southern section of the North American regulated market by teaming with a licensed Mexican partner. Coolbet’s products and services are now available to Mexican gamers, and they can expect a quality experience with 24/7 customer care and a large range of betting alternatives.

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